Hello and Konnichiwa


Yesterday we went to Disney Land and it was amazing experience that was very time consuming and always kept you busy and I was expecting today to be just as action packed and entertaining! It was to be our last day at Disney in Japan as we needed to go on and explore so much more of this wonderful country! I was still excited because I knew I was going to have a good day whatever I did at the park.


Train wise, same as yesterday, feels like I’ve gone on a trek before I have even boarded my train to the park, I have never in my life had to walk so far through a station, go down as many stairs or go down incredibly long corridors to board anything and I’ve used the London Underground!

It was time to go and visit Disney Sea! A resort right next to Disney Land but you have to pay to use the monorail to get to the gate! I would moan that paying to get into the park should be enough but it’s Disney…enough said! Money is money though and it’s a holiday so no need to have a complaint I guess, I was there to have fun and I knew Emma definitely would.

20160827_111823.jpg180 yen per person isn’t that bad thought to be fair, if you have some lose change it’s great! The train’s are quite frequent but I had the issue if bumping my head on the Mickey Mouse handles that were thrown all over the place whenever the train went around a corner! They are often not incredibly crowded but prepare for them to be so as so many people go to this place yet it wasn’t as packed as an ordinary train in Tokyo station.

Posing With Donald Duck

The weather was somewhat decent but the threat of rain looked to be about, the weather prediction looked to be accurate and on time for later in the day. This park is smaller than the other one so we thought that getting everything done in one day should be easy enough as it didn’t take ages to walk around the whole place and it had less rides to go on.

After disembarking from the monorail, we entered the park and began looking about a few shops…Emma’s idea and nothing will convince her otherwise when it comes to Disney, bless her but it was nice to see the variety of items on for sale and such. Loved the ship in the yard as well, great scenery about this place to look out but would have looked better on a sunny day in my opinion.


We arrived as a water show was starting so we stuck around to watch it and we got quite wet by the theatrics of Mickey, Donald and friends singing in Japanese…even though the soundtrack was in English…for some reason which was weird because in France all the songs were in French! We just assumed they would have been in Japanese here…have people complained that they couldn’t understand the lyrics or something?

Start Of A Water Musical Show


I liked the Italian feel of the place here, the style of the shops and the canals that went around made it feel a bit like Venice which was a nice touch! We first went on some Gondola Boats around the park and this was a nice thing to do as the rowers sang away happily which made it all the better, even though I didn’t understand a word they were saying…didn’t matter to me, it was fun and worth a go!

Let’s go on some boats!



I did enjoy the Gondola boats as they gave us our first glimpses of the park and what we needed to look out for during the rest of the day which was helpful as a lot of it looked like water rides which I sort of should have guessed before hand and Emma heard about a place called Mermaid Lagoon so it was decided that we must head over that way. I knew that this was going to be most of our day…even though I wanted to head to the Volcano as a good ride was there and I was going to go on it…by myself because Emma hates big rides…I would try to get her to go on, only to fail at the last minute.


On a Gondola!

After we were done with the boats, we went for a wander towards Mermaid Lagoon because my wife…LOVES LITTLE MERMAID!  Obsessed actually so I would not stand a chance if she spots anything related to it! Not a bad thing as it means we would be indoors as rain looked more likely than it did before hand when we arrived.

Give Me All The Coins!

We went on a spinning water ride based on the Atlantis Disney movie and saw a group of lads cut the queue and no one did anything about it but oh well, I’m British so I chose to moan about it! I can if I want to ha ha It was one of the longest queues of the day but it only took half an hour so all in all, not that bad but perhaps the fore coming weather had something to do with that?  Who knows but it was a fun and wet experience that we enjoyed thoroughly and would do again any day.

Mermaid Lagoon was a great place, nice and entertaining and I’m not just there for the food! The design and architecture makes you think that you are under the sea, no pun intended! A lot of work went into this place and it adds to the excitement for just about anyone, it made me want to explore and see what I could find.


Can’t find a fault down in this place, it has a restaurant, rides and some shops as well, enough to keep anyone happy as it begins to rain outside. It even has a theater where you can watch a Little Mermaid based show but we didn’t go to see that, the queue was 2 hours long!



We queued up for lunch and as the other day was, a long queue was in front of us so we spent about an hour waiting which is normal in Disney, sounds long but it’s per norm. They had a purple shell burger that looked cool but I didn’t go for it yet nowadays I wish I had done



We both had a meat lovers pizza with some shrimp poppers I guess which was reasonable, I’m never going to go all out and say Disney’s food is the greatest on Earth…mainly because of price but today, it was decent to say the least, wouldn’t go to a Disney restaurant every day…once or twice a year at most actually but for a quick bite on a long day out, it’s helpful. Once we left after going on a couple of rides, we noticed that the rain had past for now but it looked like it had poured it down so we felt a bit lucky to have been sheltered from it.

Meeting Ariel!

Emma then saw a meet and greet with Ariel, the Little Mermaid which was almost a 2 hr wait and it was starting to rain again and she offered me the chance to go for a wander as she goes and meets her icon but as you can see from the picture above…I decided to wait with her. A Japanese lady gave us some sweets as we waited in the queue which was nice and luckily for us it was only an hour and a bit before we got to meet her for the first time and she was extremely friendly and polite which was fantastic, made it worth the wait!

Eventually we headed to the volcano for the best ride in the park but it was nearly a three hour wait for it and by the time we got to the front of the queue, Emma decided to chicken out so I had to ride it all alone which was a little annoying and caused a bit of an argument between us I’ll admit but we calmed down and kissed in the pouring rain to make up for it! Well she was always saying how she wanted to kiss in the rain…now she has!

We watched a late night musical followed by many fireworks in the rain which was one of the greatest spectacles I have ever seen, made it all worth it, just for the effort Disney always puts into a show! We eventually made our way back into Tokyo and grabbed a meal at a noodle house which was very Japanese, all the chefs greeted the customers with a shout as you entered and were polite which makes a nervous tourist feel better! I went for the Pork bowl which was incredibly filling….it’s all you need to keep you going


Overall, the last two days have been fantastic, fun and memorable but we were both tired from all the exploring yet we knew that we had so much more to do and see in Tokyo before we would move on south. I was excited to now have the chance to explore more of this place but the question was…where to start?

Until next time, Have a good day!



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