Today, I talk about a simple thing that everyone does on a daily basis yet for some, it’s more of a challenge than it is for others and that task is…leaving the house. The house is the safe haven for us all, it’s where our stuff is and where we retreat to after a long day but some people….don’t leave it. Many might have reasons for this such as unemployment, nothing on a certain day or…..they are to afraid to!


Leaving your comfort zone and going to pastures new…can be pretty scary to be honest because it’s so easy to stay put where you are and not venture out into the world on a daily basis, we all pretty much have to, whether it’s for education, work or other…no one can really spend 24/7 inside all year round, you have to go outside sometime!

Saying that, many people with Autism might find this…daunting….unwanted and would try to avoid this if possible, venturing out of a comfort zone or generally outside is scary. It can just be bad enough if you lack companionship with a friend or even family but to not be able to go outside because your too afraid to must make the situation much worse.

From my experience, I haven’t really struggled to go outside…just perhaps not on a frequent basis like many people would do. I like spending time indoors and to be honest, sometimes if I were to go outdoors, it would be just for the sake of saying I’ve been out of the house….that’s how I really feel sometimes but it’s not a task to get out though…I can if I want to but for others, they can’t!

Public Transport

Even going on the bus was a daunting task for me a long time ago, getting on something with complete strangers and travelling miles away from home was horrible, yet eventually it was easy and it just means that if you feel afraid, it’s ok because practice makes perfect and the more you get on that bus, the easier it will soon become, it’ll be a second thought before you know it. When I started going to college, I had to commute by using public transport and it took me a while to get accustomed and settled with just using this basic service that so many others use and not give it a second thought, yet for me it was a challenge alone, forget ever leaving the country or anything insane like that!

I used to think like that, until I learned just how much fun travelling abroad was!

  • France
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • America
  • Belgium
  • Netherlands
  • Japan

It wasn’t really scary at all, as long as I always kept myself busy at all times, like booking excursions or going to major tourist destinations! When I arrive in new places…I am a bit uneasy and do often want to go home straight away but it has calmed down in recent times with Japan being the first place I’ve ever visited where I didn’t want to leave at all which is a positive boost in my opinion.

I have heard of many people who are autistic that prevent themselves from going outside because it’s too intimidating or that they have no friends or are often taken advantaged of and bullied by others BUT we should not be scared of the outside world, we should not be made to feel like we have to shut ourselves away in our rooms all day because back in my day…going outside to see friends and go to the park was still a thing….never had an I pad or anything like that…

Many people NEED a reason to leave the house, like

  • Work
  • School
  • Seeing Friends
  • Holiday
  • Shopping 

Will this issue become worse as the years go on? Will technology prevent our youth from going outside and even make them mindless zombies…seriously, the amount of times I have seen kids walk out into the road and nearly be run over is mind blowing….and they act like they don’t care at all.

Autism in the future will evolve alongside everything else and what I mean by that is with new inventions and how we all act in daily life will affect us in different ways, such as going outside, sounds crazy but it will eventually happen as everything we need is on our phones more now than ever before! I once had to write letters and go to see my friends without a mobile phone….nowadays I can do all of that from my sofa…if I didn’t want to, I could do everything from my house and never leave it and for someone with Autism, it could just further make them believe that they don’t need to go out into the world when they can make friends online instead, is this good or bad though?

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