It has been heavily rumored that Wrestlemania 33 in Orlando, Florida will be the last time anyone see’s the Undertaker wrestle a match! We have heard this claim for quite a few years now yet this time, they may have some truth behind them due to the need of hip replacement surgery needed for The Undertaker who has been on record saying that he will NEVER wrestle on the new hips.

This would mean that he would either wait for a whole year and wrestle at Wrestlemania 34 or wrestle and retire after Wrestlemania 33, which seems more than likely as it seems a little unfair to expect him to continue to hold off urgent surgery for our benefits…He is not getting any younger and it seems like we will have to let the Phenom walk off into the sunset sooner rather than later, for his own good.

With that said, it is heavily implied that the final opponent for the Undertaker will be Roman Reigns and this seems a rather odd choice for obvious reasons. When you think about this match, it is a bit of a shame that it is looked at as a major disappointment as the WWE fans have craved for a young superstar to challenge the Undertaker on the grandest stage of them all, after years of facing part timers, minus Bray Wyatt at Wrestlemania 31

The Fans

This one should be obvious but for years now, Roman Reigns has struggled to win over the majority of the WWE Fan base and is often heavily booed out of the building. His win at the Royal Rumble 2015 could not be saved by an appearance by The Rock and his elimination by Triple H a year later was greeted by cheers, even though Triple H was meant to be the hated heel, he became the hero of the night! At Wrestlemania 32, Reigns became the villain and Triple H the hero when it was meant to be the other way round so it begs the question as to what WWE is thinking when it comes to using the Undertaker’s possible last match as a way to get Roman Reigns over!

Sure Reigns has his fans but the majority refuse to accept him as the major baby face and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. If Roman Reigns defeats The Undertaker at Wrestlemania, does the WWE really expect everyone to change their mind on the ‘Big Dog’? Not based on the reception by the fans when Roman Reigns eliminated Undertaker from the Royal Rumble Match, the eventual winner Randy Orton was cheered for eliminating Reigns and recently Brawn Strowman is often cheered ‘Thank You Strowman!’ for destroying Reigns.

Basically, the odds of Reigns being won over by the majority of fans after Wrestlemania 33 is slim at best!

He’s Not A Heel

Roman Reigns…is a baby face and many expect him to turn heel to face Undertaker but please try to remember…This is WWE we are talking about, they don’t do common sense here! Chances of this happening are slim as well as Vince McMahon see’s Roman Reigns as the long term successor to John Cena or that’s what he truly wants yet his plans have had setbacks, due to the fans reception of Reigns. A Heel turn would make this upcoming story line make more sense as 80,000 + will be booing Reigns in Orlando, no getting around that! So why not just turn him heel?


A Heel turn has not happened yet and won’t likely happen until after Fastlane happens when he faces Brawn Strowman so with only 4 weeks to do a turn, it shall be interesting how they pull it off since I doubt Undertaker will appear on every single Raw leading up to the match.

Personally, I think WWE is having Reigns be a baby face and this match at Wrestlemania has the potential to ruin his career! If Reigns is Undertaker’s final opponent and defeats him, fans might be blinded with rage over the way Taker’s career finishes, not the ending that many imagined him having to be honest and to have the one superstar who is forcefully shoved down our throats to be the way to do it just might be unforgivable for many people!

If Vince McMahon is not careful, he might end up destroying Roman Reigns altogether from reaching heights that he could reach if used correctly. Many will  probably decide on that night to forever hate Roman Reigns, whatever he does in the future, he would be known for being the most unsuccessful baby face in any sport in all of history!

Yet, it might not be Vince’s fault this time and here’s why

It’s What Undertaker Wants

I have read and heard that The Undertaker wants to face Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania as to put over a younger talent and ‘pass the torch’ and to this, I scratch my head and wonder why he would want a guy that clearly, he must know most fans hate to be the last person to ever face him? If this is indeed true, it makes no sense and that isn’t coming from a fan who despises Roman Reigns, I don’t like or hate the guy, I just find him boring and scripted to be like Superman which is off putting but I know the majority can’t stand him and he is mostly why the Royal Rumble match has been terrible for 3 years in a row! Batista owns 2014 though!

If this is what Undertaker wants, he must have thought ahead of just Wrestlemania and what the future would have in store for his final opponent, would a win against him elevate Reigns? Maybe with Vince McMahon but with the fans? I don’t see it, even as a heel, people won’t boo him because of that, they boo him because they don’t want to see him , two different things altogether. He’s just not that interesting most of the time and that’s a problem for me.

Acting cocky every week on the mic is cringe worthy and his moves aren’t that great to be honest, he still lives in the past with his ring gear and music and EVERYONE knows what Vince wants for him and that has put people off him! It’s no fun supporting a guy who you know will be champion, why should I care? No matter what I think of him, he’ll be the unstoppable champion who will always kick out of finishers yet will only need one spear to win any match.

Surely, Undertaker should consider this as a possibility, his ‘passing of the torch’ might seriously backfire and ruin Reign’s long term career from what it could be if Vince wakes up and gets that fans will NEVER accept him as the next big baby face. I don’t care if he hates being wrong, I honestly couldn’t care! Listen to the people who watch your product and stop treating all fans as idiots because without them, WWE would be nothing!

So…why isn’t anyone else an option to face Undertaker, like Samoa Joe, Kevin Owens, Brawn Strowman, AJ Styles or….


Why not this guy?



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