It is now being reported on various sites such as Yahoo and even trending on Facebook that brain scans of babies may be able to foretell if they have Autism or not. Depending on whether the infant’s brain is growing at a faster rate which is apparently a telltale way of knowing if you have Autism or not! Apparently if discovered at an early age, before symptoms kick in, it can be…softened with ‘early behavioral therapy’ Will a baby even remember or understand that at all? Can you imagine trying to give therapy to a baby?  I’d rather have found out at an early age than having a doctor telling me that I wouldn’t be able to do anything for myself! I’m not bitter though…not at all!

As we all know, Autism has NO cure but if discovered at an early age, the effects can be dimmed down according to reports and when I read this…I just think….TAKE THAT VACCINATIONS PEOPLE! All the grief given over them causing Autism yet according to new evidence, Autism is there when your born! Unless you vaccinate your kids when their born…weirdos! Thanks America!

Regardless, I imagine this news will tear the ASD community apart, like everything does because discussing the cause of Autism or a cure is extremely taboo because it makes it sound like they have a disease when they don’t, it can’t kill you! You don’t get a sick note from school or work for it! I know that some people will disagree and lecture on how this is wrong and such but I’m just going to not argue because, what’s the point…I don’t feel nor want to be a leader or a voice for it, I enjoy my life as it is because I earned everything in it by believing in myself, Autism had nothing to do with it.

I have seen too many people treat Autism like a disease…something that hinders people that have it during their lifetimes but on many occasions, they go on to live fantastic lives! Autism is nowhere near as bad as the media makes it out to be! No way! I’ve had fears and worries about life but doesn’t…everyone? I don’t imagine everyone that doesn’t have Autism going through life without a fear or a care, I just think I can be more vocal about it because I worry about it more, I worry more than the average person but that doesn’t hinder anything…I have people in my life that are always by my side to help me and I believe in myself.

Is it a good thing that this could happen, in some ways yes and I say that because I know what it’s like to not know and go through life wondering why I am how I am, knowing makes things so much better, I know I don’t need a cure but an understanding of what I have and for my family to understand as well would make things 10x better! Understanding helps, from my experience it does anyway, not knowing makes things worse so If I could be told about it before I’m 2 then fine, I’d take it….better than 13-14!

If people actually thought about it and didn’t lose the plot every five minutes over people with Autism, nothing bad would actually happen…if people realised that people with Autism just need that friend, someone to talk to…IF WE WEREN’T SO JUDGMENTAL ON THIS PLANET! Things would be better but we have so many people who look for faults, weaknesses and exploit them, humiliate them! We are all unique for a reason yet I’ve been made to feel like a freak because I don’t talk as much as a ‘normal’ person, is that all? Does that really give you a reason to judge me? Come on, that’s pathetic…that doesn’t mean I have an issue other than I’m shy. The problem is other people not understanding what Autism is, it should be and needs to be better explained and excepted because the way it is at the moment in 2017 is embarrassing! Utterly embarrassing, if I was an alien from another planet and I saw the human race, I’d be ashamed that such a species is allowed to exist, so judgmental for no reason! If your not normal or what we deem as normal, your abused for it? Whatever….anyway, baby scans can possibly show signs of Autism, good or bad?

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  1. Knowing how most new parents worry about their baby not achieving certain childhood milestones I think for most that knowing their child could have autism would help them understand their child’s current state of development. I also totally agree with you people in general and other children are crewel when they encounter someone who is different from them. My grandson is autistic and for the most part does not know how not to be happy. My son and his wife share in his wonder and happiness every day, even though at times it is a struggle for them to raise their son.

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