I do not speak for everyone with Autism!


Autism circular concept with colors and star


Lately, news has come out claiming that it may be possible to detect Autism before the age of two, due to brain scans on babies and it seems split down the middle as to whether this is a good or a bad thing, many worrying that this could cause many parents deciding to have their children go through ‘behavioural therapy’ and I even read a comment saying that children would be aborted but I think the scans are after they are born…yeah it says six month old children….don’t think you can abort a a six month old kid….anyway!

As I have said before, I personally would have liked this to happen to me but I’m speaking from a mind that discovered I had Autism at becoming 13-14, I was a teenager and I had already gone through many years wondering why was I how I was when it came to understanding right and wrong and the consequences of not caring what I did. I think that If I had found out at a much younger age, I could have had more understanding and maybe thinks would have worked out differently….in my head anyway but realistically…I know this never would have happened, I was tested for it for over 10 years as this was in the 90’s…times were different, people looked at the world differently but it’s just nice to think that somehow, things turned out differently, that I could have had more chances to get things right, to not hate myself for so long because my world around me made me feel that way.

I guess for me anyway, having Autism is not such a big deal anymore and sometimes, I wonder why it ever was in the first place. Deep down, I know it was all because the other people around me didn’t understand it, making it more difficult for me to come to terms with it

What I don’t like is the term ‘behavioral therapy’ it just sounds like they are to be told what is not right to do and what is unacceptable which sounds like it would be a good thing from the outside, would it work? And what is it meant by ‘behavioral therapy?’ From I can remember about myself, I was often quiet, sometimes spoke to myself and was often told ‘Don’t worry’ because I was often nervous and scared of everything, I didn’t know what was going on.

Yet when I think about it, I would imagine that you have many children that DON’T have Autism yet are known for having bad behaviour….why aren’t they having ‘behavioral therapy?’  I understand that some with Autism might have some issues where much help is needed, I mean…

Let’s not go through this again!

Why do I feel like when they talk about this kind of therapy, they are roping in everyone with Autism because many have Autism but have no problems living a normal life, it doesn’t hinder most things yet when you hear Autism being mentioned, it’s all one thing but we all know that’s not the case at all! I’ve never taken a single thing for it my entire life nor ever plan to! I don’t need tablets or calm pills!

That’s for me though, I know the situations is different for us all so it’s hard to pin down but when your a baby, I feel like many of us are a lot closer but we differentiate as we grow older and go through similar yet different scenarios. Some people notice things or have them pointed out by others and either work on them or struggle to which I think I did a bit of both as I struggled for a long while then managed to work on my issues and minimal the effects of them on me to the point that I forget that I even have Autism. However, if I was told at an much earlier age, I would have the chance to do that much earlier but as a baby, I would obviously have no say and I don’t like that! I’m someone who wants a voice and a say in what happens to me and if that’s taken away by others, it pisses me off! Sorry for the language but I have strong feelings about it! Babies would have no say or control, it would be down to the parents and doctors and the correct decision would not always be made.

As for the therapy issue…I don’t know but I think a lot is put on someone who makes a mistake, just because they have Autism, it almost feels like less is made of someone who doesn’t have it…every time I read where an incident has happened, they go all out in making it clear if the culprit has Autism…so the need for therapy as a little baby…how does that even work or even as a young child at the age of 2…maybe it could but I don’t know, I’m undecided.

In this scenario I’ve thought up, I will use two kids as examples, one kid has Autism and is socially awkward, he doesn’t have any friends as he never really talks in school and prefers to keep to himself but he wants friends, he also sometimes acts a little strange for others, often talking to himself amongst other things, he just doesn’t know how to find his voice and speak out. He is known for being polite and although he often jumps to conclusions and misunderstands, the general aspect is that he tries.

Our other kid does not have Autism but is known for causing trouble and having disruptive behaviour but he has some friends and can talk to other people, even though he’s known for starting fires…who do you think society would deem to be more ‘normal’ The kid who has no friends but wants to be given a chance or the kid who’s a trouble maker but has no problems communicating? 

Who would be deemed more ‘normal?’ 

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