Is it a bad thing to say that Autism isn’t a bad thing at all? It depends on each individual because it affects us all differently in certain ways so when I talk about Autism, I can only really explain how it affects me personally, I can’t speak nor plan to speak for anyone else with Autism, I can only talk about my own experiences and beliefs.

We’re all unique in our own way, have our own obsessions, dislikes and dreams yet I’m always told things like ”Your not like my autistic friend, he never leaves his room” and I wonder why you would think I am the same…I don’t assume that people without Autism or the same…why do you?

I look at how other people talk about their own experiences of living with it and I do often try to compare my own life to it, seeing if I have any comparisons or differences and it’s often 50/50! Sometimes I can relate and sometimes, I have no idea what they are talking about because you do get some people assuming that Autism affects everyone exactly the same

When I think of Autism, I can only think about how it used to affect how I lived my life because back in the past, it was much worse, had a greater impact on my views and decisions in life but today, not so much but how do you get from A to B? The answer was simply never giving up and caving into what others wanted for me, all that I wanted was what I thought was best for me and that was my own opinion first but of course I can be wrong, I’m not arrogant and ignore everyone else around me but as a child, my voice was never really heard but I spoke louder and never backed down with an idea or what I wanted and that changed things, made college, university and marriage a reality because I stood up for myself.

Words are powerful when you believe what you are saying and I always believe what I speak and what I want for myself because I know what it’s like to be ignored, to be made to feel small and I don’t want that, I would rather fail and try again until I get it right, rather than not even have a chance to speak, to say what I want for my life because a chance at least is what everyone should get, Autism or not…we all deserve a chance to follow our dreams and live a life in this world without being babied and held back because of a label


We all have different gripes and troubles in this life, friends, marriage, families and other things we all stand somewhere different with these issues! I can’t say that everyone with Autism gets married or gets a job or makes friends but then again, I can’t say that for everyone without Autism as well. You can find people who don’t have anything and they will not have a single friend,  a job or be married, it happens and can to anyone! Regardless of what you have or don’t have!

Autistic people are viewed as people who struggle to socialise, act weird and have a disease….some people think Autism is a disease! Stupid, I know but the point is that stereotypes are dumb, you say that these people all act the same because of a label, why do we do this in life? I don’t look at someone with a label, we are all people who have back stories, interests and opinions but if someone told me they were gay or of a different religion, that wouldn’t change a thing or it shouldn’t….the person means more to me than a label that so many people look at first.

No one can tell I even have Autism, unless I say so…one person called me a liar because I have friends and a wife….do people really think like this….can’t someone with Autism have a friend…..unless I’m cured, right? Or a liar…..ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I know what I have and what I’ve been through to get where I am, I don’t care what you say, I’ve been through all these battles and won them all because I never gave up! Are some people so stupid that they believe everything they read on the internet! Your opinion is the most important for you! If others don’t believe in you, don’t let that get you down because as long as YOU believe in yourself…you have a chance!

So how does Autism affect you?

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