I’ve come all this way and she suggests going to a McDonald’s….of all places, why would I want to go to a place where I have many of them back home? It’s not a stretch or that adventurous, other than it’s menu which could be slightly different from the one in Britain, that and I guess I would technically be eating Japanese Beef in a sense so I reluctantly said that I would give it a go, just for the sake of it.

After a day of exploring a Japanese Palace, I guess I was rather hungry and it was starting to rain so my wife suggested the nearest place which happened to be McDonald’s…even though we’ve walked past it everyday so far and not been interested in it, now we were…because we were tired and starving! Desperate needs or anything will do because of rain I guess.

The nearest McDonald’s wasn’t that far actually which wasn’t a surprise, I guess Japan is the same as Britain in that sense that a fast food place can be found on most streets in a big city! It was a small place with a few seats so I guess most people either eat elsewhere or take it away. I had the Mega Mac which we don’t have in Britain so I thought, when else will I get to? Unless I order 2 Big Macs and out them together or something but why would I do something daft like that?


It’s just a regular Big Mac with a few more patties on it! Nothing special but I wouldn’t recommending having anything else during the day! Tastes no different to a Big Mac from back home…why would I assume that things taste that much different to a McDonald’s in Britain or America? seasoning….bit of salt, maybe I don’t know but comparisons are that it tastes about the same, it’s just bigger!

If you go abroad and see a McDonald’s in another country, it can be tempting to go for the sake of having something that you can’t get in your homeland but sometimes….your fooling yourself in thinking that it’ll be so different….it’ll be slightly different but mostly the same at best! Unless I got a lobster sandwich or a burger with squid ink buns or something, nothing else is that apart from a McDonald’s I could easily get at home and I barely ever go, unless nothing else is available to me like a Wagamama or a Nando’s

Sometimes, it can be fun…no denying that and you can always wonder what a familiar place is like in another country, it always has that wonder factor to it and it always will but I wasn’t going to make a habit of having McDonald’s over here…I wanted to try new things so much more and if it wasn’t for the rain, I probably wouldn’t have gone to McDonald’s really but walking about a Palace all day tired us out and the restaurant at our hotel was really expensive so we stuck to home comforts, we admit it and do we regret it? No…food is food and it was still an experience, not much of one but it’s still something to cross off a check list and that’s good enough for me on this adventure of ours!


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