Warning- Spoilers!

Dragon’s…a mythical creature, one to be feared, one to be respected, one to…clean your house? This one forces you to ask many questions in the first few minutes, like why a Dragon would even turn into a maid of all things in the first place, why would it fall in ”love” with a human and why would one sacrifice the rest of it’s life to serve a human to which it often describes them as ‘Inferior’? The first episode is pretty much the two main characters getting to know one another with Kobayashi taking on The Dragon as maid but she does think it’s a dream at first…and we watch her go to work and go out drinking with a colleague as well as Tohru and hilarity ensues throughout.

Before we get to our Maid, we must look at our other main character, the human in which she serves. When I watched the trailer for this show, I was unsure about the red haired woman they kept showing, nothing sprang out that shouted ‘main character’ or funny and when we first see her, I was starting to think that I was going to be wrong….only to soon feel like I was right to be weary of her as the episode went on and on.



Kobayashi- A normal office worker who is often mistaken for a man, wakes up one morning after a night of drinks, to find herself staring at a Dragon on her doorstep that transforms into a maid in front of her eyes. From my first glance at her, she did not appear that interesting. Alas, she apparently saved the Dragon’s life whilst wandering about the hillside drunk! This means that the Dragon wants to dedicate her life to serving Kobayashi to which she is first reluctant, even turning the Dragon down but comes around and we spend the rest of the episode watching her giving the Dragon chores to do, only to be mostly horrified and amazed at how these tasks are accomplished.

The funniest thing about this character so far is when she’s drunk, apart from that she’s rather stale and I don’t see why something like a Dragon would be interested in her in the slightest, not much character to her apart from her love of drinking and maids. Overall, so far her character is a little disappointing when she’s sober but good when she’s had a few! Is that a good thing? That I want her to be drunk more so I’ll like her character? It’s only been one episode but the first one often depends on whether a viewer comes back for the second and third ones.

I hear that more dragons will soon be appearing to live with Kobayashi so who knows, maybe we’ll soon get more character development and a reason to care about her because so far…their isn’t a lot to really like except that she gets drunk and…has a Dragon Maid…it’s like Konata Izumi grew up, kind of still liked anime but nowhere near to when she was a teen but drinks to drown her sorrows over something…did she lose contact with her friends? I mean this character does always look glum? I have hope for this character.


kdm2-pngTohru–  A Dragon who needs to keep her tail once she transforms….so you remember that she’s a Dragon! That and the horns should be a dead giveaway! I like this character because she’s just so funny with how quick she becomes obsessed with Kobayashi who to be honest, is kind of boring to me…unless she’s drunk.

Her licking, sniffing and salivating over Kobayashi’s clothes multiple times is actually good, weirdly enough and her way of tackling everyday chores as a Dragon is worth a watch! I mean blasting the clouds so the washing will dry….genius

Overall, she is the only reason that I am watching episode 2 at the moment as Kobayashi so far is dull and uninteresting to me at the moment but maybe the next episode can redeem her for me, I don’t know but as for Tohru, she just needs to keep doing what she is doing and one more thing, we already have some character development with her! We see in her dream her fear of humans and why she appears hostile towards them except for Kobayashi, going into the mythology of knights slaying Dragons etc You feel for Tohru and want to support her against the ‘inferior’ humans!

It will be interesting to see how she interacts with the other dragons coming soon but it is an interesting concept, having Dragons come in and live with Kobayashi but it sounds somewhat familiar to another show I’ve seen in the past….where multiple creatures live with a human being and we watch them all live together, going through challenges and such…this one’s just funnier!


It’s definitely worth a check if you want to have a laugh and want to watch something new and if I had to give it a score out of 10, episode one gets a 7/10 and that’s mainly because of Tohru and her antics, if Kobayashi had been good when shes drunk and sober and had a bit of character that didn’t scream depressed at me, it’d have been a 9!

The show just needs a bit more of a kick to get going and I think episode 2 should provide that kick!

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