We had many things that we wanted to see and do in Japan but for my wife, she had been going on and on about a certain dog statue that she was dying to see and before we set off to Japan, she showed me a movie about a dog called Hachiko and I learnt about the tragic story behind the statue so we agreed to find it in the city of Tokyo.

I have to say that after a few days here, we are finally getting the hang of using the train system and it’s a relief as we did struggle for a bit with our passes, finding the gates to show them to a guard who would let us through, a helpful thing to have when you know that without them, you’d struggle a lot more getting onto a train, unless you speak and can read Japanese of course!

We headed towards Shibuya as we learned that the dog statue in question was located at the train station or just outside of it and I looked at the scenery of the city as we traveled on the train and I couldn’t help but fall in love with this place! The houses, shops and parks look so peaceful and tranquil, I couldn’t find any faults with anything here, even the trains were clean, efficient and everyone was polite…I can’t recall ever feel so relaxed on public transport than during my time in Japan!

Once we departed our train, we headed out of the station and it didn’t take long to find a big crowd gathered in the square and before you know it, Emma had spotted the one thing she had yearned to find, to travel thousands of miles for…other than Disney of course!


Getting a picture was quite tricky actually, we had so many people around us, we had to squeeze right in to get us and Hachiko into the shot but this was the best picture that I was able to take. It had a sentimental feel to it being here, at this spot….knowing the history that it holds, the events that took place here made this all the more worth it as people would line up to take a picture with Hachiko! It feels like Hachiko is watching over the area and guarding it, the place that many use as a meeting place. I liked the giant crossing here as well, it’s so big!




Apart from that, it’s mostly full of stores and places to grab food and we spent a while exploring the area, going into arcades and getting some Wendy’s for lunch…the only reason I came here is because I had never gone to one before…they don’t exist in Britain so I thought…Baconator it is!


Bacon, Cheese and Chill Fries…lovely, bit spicy and strange how my first Wendy’s was in Japan and not America! Just another thing to cross off my checklist! This was before more exploring as we had so many places to look at and guess what…Emma found a Disney Store…packed away in a corner but it’s bigger on the inside, believe me!


We spent 10,000 yen in this place! My goodness she went crazy in this shop, grabbing Tsum Tsums that weirdly we could not find in Disney Land but here, they were plentiful and as she got hers, I went for the Marvel ones that weren’t really available in the UK as of yet!

Worth Every Yen!

I went for one of these, it just looked so cool and I thought…I’d never be able to get that back home so why not? Makes you want to fall asleep when you go to bed with it’s peaceful expression so it was a welcome addition and I got a Baymax version as well which was even cooler!

Overall, it was a fun area to have a quick look around but it was tricky getting all of our newly bought merchandise back to the Hotel, I swear our bedroom was becoming a store with all the stuff we had purchased over here so far and we had so many days to go still! So many places left to explore and we had already gone to the Imperial Palace grounds which I’ll say here quickly were just awesome and that was before this but all the photos are on another camera and I can’t transfer them over yet so that’ll come later on…hopefully…if Emma lets me borrow her laptop in the near future, hopefully!

Until next time, Have a Good day!

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