Tokyo has been our exploring ground for the last few days and it’s a very big place to explore indeed, there was no way that I could see it all in a week…not even a year is probably enough time to see it all either, it’s just that big here! I’ve only been here for a few days and explored a small part of it but I’ve had more fun here than in any other destination….I can’t explain it but everything here is fascinating, worth a look at and just fun! Underground paths are upbeat and get you out of the scorching heat, vending machines are everywhere and everyone that we saw was friendly and polite…you just don’t always get that ‘safe’ feeling everywhere but we never felt scared once in Tokyo…and we didn’t know where we were going half the time…even if some people couldn’t speak a word of English, they dud their best to assist us and help us find our ways…guarantee that some people in the West wouldn’t do that, most would but some wouldn’t….everyone here would!

Don’t forget Disney!!!!

Even though we have Rail passes which are a BIG help in a place like this, it won’t speed things up much when it comes to seeing every bath house, shrine, museum, store, castle or theme park that this place has to offer and it has many of each!  We have discovered though that if you have any way of travelling as a tourist in this concrete jungle…the train is the best way to get around, quick and always on time…you’ll get from A to B dead on time but the only downside is the huge crowds at the majority of stations, making getting on and off the platforms a challenge.

Disney obviously is a good couple of days out but wouldn’t say it represents Japan so much and I only ended going because my wife wanted to but regardless, it was looking at Disney in another way to what I’m used to and that made it unique enough to be enjoyable!

You know you want to take a bite…or a slurp!

Food wise, Tokyo is a great destination to find a wide range of restaurants and small diners…we even found a Denny’s here…never been to one of those so that’s Denny’s and Wendy’s discovered in Tokyo…even saw a Carl’s Jr but we said no to that and got some sushi instead. Any Japanese food you’ve had in the west…it would be miles better over here, I can’t recall having any better sushi in the UK than over here, the freshness and flavour just dwarfs what I call ‘imitation sushi’ in the West now!


Akihabara of course gets a mention as well as we spent hours in this area, exploring the heck out of it, even being somewhat conned out of 500 yen by a monk who wanted it for ‘World Peace’ even though we saw him take 2,000 of another couple when he saw it in the ladies hands as she wanted to go to an arcade we learnt…we also learnt that people in stores and the station often watched out for him as he wasn’t supposed to be doing that! First Rome, now Tokyo!


Maid Cafes are an unique experience but don’t be afraid, it’s fun to say the least, you’ll get a laugh out of it so try it once…I went twice in the end…Emma laughed but we got ice cream with cornflakes and I got called Master….worth the money! Expensive but worth a go…the drinks and food are decent but in reality you could have it elsewhere for cheaper so if it’s just food you want, maybe not come here



And these ladies were everywhere!

The arcades are the best thing here, so much games to play….if only I spoke more Japanese I could play more of them! Still remember how much money I spent here…more than anywhere else in Japan, I can tell you that much…as did everyone else I saw putting coin after coin in the claw game to get the Mega Blastoise Plushie or Love Live figurine to add to another collection, all of Akihabara is a giant gaming center that I wish I could go back to right now! I miss it so much but maybe it’s best that I don’t always go there….I’d have nothing left to spend after so long…I hope I can go back someday though! It got my wife into Love Live….to which we have bought the DVD’s and some figurines since then…the power of advertisement!

Overall, so far our travels in Tokyo have been amazing, life changing and fun! What you want from a holiday so we can only hope that the rest of our time here is just as memorable as the first half of the week! With shrines, temples, a castle, Tokyo Skytree and others….we still had a lot to do before we left to head south towards our second destination, Kyoto!

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