Hello everyone, I want to write a little bit about myself so you get a bit of an idea of what I’m like away from the blogs where I go on about how rough I feel I had it in my past, the mountains I set myself to climb etc You know what I’m on about!

My name is Matthew, I’m 26 years old and I inspire to one day be a published author. Fun dream, challenging but if a dream was easy, it just isn’t worth it, well not for me anyway! I’m a real nice guy, once I trust someone enough to fully be myself…I can take a while with strangers to come out of my shell more and more, it sucks but I’d rather take it slow than rush in, panic and run away!

Last year, I had the pleasure of giving up all social life by getting married! cue the sad music! I’m joking but enough people told me that for a joke, that I couldn’t go out anymore! I still see mates and it’s wonderful…I’m totally not reaching for a Ben and Jerry’s now! In all seriousness, I have great friends, family and most of all, a wonderful wife who completes but I’ll try to not go on about how much I love her in my blogs….fingers crossed….not that you can see that!

I often blog about my travels to all the countries I’ve visited so far in this lifetime, so far I’m writing about Japan who are a friendly bunch, great food in Kyoto! but I also have America, France and Italy to blog about as well which I can’t wait to do, once I find all the pictures for them of course! I always go travelling with my wife across the countries and they have all been an adventure to cherish and remember, they are also very daft and involve us getting lost or falling out over the dumbest of things, I don’t like arguments.

I write from time to time, often trying to not miss a day but sometimes, reality takes me away from the computer and I can’t always write a blog about my adventures, life challenges or my Autism like I would like to.

Hopefully in time, I can attract more people to follow my blog…If I’m interesting enough that is, who knows but life is a journey that we all go on together, lets make the most out of it while we are here!

Love Matthew

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