Day 5 

Today, it didn’t feel as warm as it had been every day prior but it was more than likely more warmer than it would have been back home so we still loved the sunshine. I’m used to the sound of cicadas now! I find it quite soothing to hear that sound during the day and at night as well, it’s the opposite back home where you loudest thing you hear at night is the nightly train going by.

Every morning, I just have toast and a coffee now,  just something small as I didn’t always want chicken nuggets, shrimp pilaf or even bacon every day, I knew I’d be eating out for the rest of the day anyway but the choice of food bewilders me still, sounds a tad more like a lunch menu than a breakfast one if you ask me!

Our hotel was in a very good location, not far from a train station and very close to restaurants, shops and temples. The Tokyo Tower was only ten minutes away by foot!


Our starting point every single morning was here, the Shiba Park Hotel and I can still remember the scorching heat that spilled onto my face when I stepped out of the foyer and onto the street every day! We were close to a lot of vital things to help us get about and it wasn’t all that expensive either which was even better!

Reception Desk


I am loving Japan at the moment and it really doesn’t take much for me to say that to you! Just how the streets, buildings and people are make this place amazing! So exciting and full of mystery, I just haven’t felt this anywhere else….I have never felt so safe in a foreign country like I have done here…it’s hard to explain but if I were to somehow end up lost here, I wouldn’t entirely mind as I know I would find my way back, whether it be because of some wacky adventure or I have help back by a friendly stranger, I’m that confident in saying that!

We headed  out on the train to Hanjuku to visit the Menji-Ju shrine. This was our first visit to a shrine ever since we arrived in Japan and we were always meaning to get around to it, we were more surprised that it took us 5 days to do so! I mentioned cicadas earlier on because at this place, it was deafening with them, you could not hear yourself speak! You have a long pathway that leads you through some woods that takes you to the main shrine.

We passed a long row of sake barrels which I think were offerings made from foreign countries and such….nice offers! I’d accept them! French wine as well, all placed in a long impressive row and i loved the writing style and colours on the jars as well, very cool indeed.

That Gate was Huge!

We walk underneath a giant gate and it was massive, I felt so small by comparison to it. Like a grand entrance way to welcome the emperor, it just makes the whole place feel very important and I love that about it, I want it to feel like a big deal!


I love the architecture for everything here, it’s all so amazing! All works of art…if every place had put so much more time into making buildings, castles etc look like they do in Japan, more people would be into history and art…probably! Eye catching stuff.

Main Shrine Area!


It was a nice place to explore around, many things to look at and study. I saw a couple of shrine maidens about and they were polite and friendly…everyone here is! we decided to write a prayer and place it up on a board for good fortune so we ended up writing the following.

Our Prayer!

We wish good fortune and happiness for our family and yours for the long term future. We love you all 

Matthew And Emma 


Overall, we spent a bit over an hour here before heading off to our next destination as it wasn’t the biggest place to look around but still, in that time, we had a blast and were glad to visit a shrine while we were in Japan and it wouldn’t be the last one we explored whilst being in this great country!

To be continued.


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