Hello and Konnichiwa!



The sky looked grey today as we set out to do some more exploring but we knew it was coming as apparently a typhoon was hitting a bit up North and we were getting the back end of it!

The Imperial Palace sounded like a good idea! So we headed towards the center of Tokyo and as we arrived, discovered that not all of it was available for the public to see, unless you book in advance which we did not do….whoops However the gardens were free to explore but before we headed over there, we saw a few glimpses of the palace area that looked quite cool and had many people about taking photos off!


It was the first time that the sun wasn’t out while we were here so it was different to look about the area without the blue skies in the background but it was all still very pretty and mysterious. We walked along a long stony pathway that was used more as a jogging path that was interesting but the scenery on the outskirts of the palace were something from a story or a movie, mind blowing how beautiful they made a bridge or a wall look, I’d love to have something like that in Britain.


Some of the walls around the little lake looked impressive, a structure to intimidate invading forces which appears to have worked because those walls looked thick and tall, I wouldn’t have wanted to try and overcome that obstacle!

We headed to the Palace gardens and we would spend the next couple of hours wandering down endless pathways and we found many wonders to look and marvel at.


The trees look more interesting over here as well, I don’t know what it is though…maybe it’s just that they don’t look the same as the ones I see every single day in England, I don’t know yet when i look at them here, they look mystic, wise and majestic, all this from a tree!


Many old buildings were scattered about the area as well as remains from some that were no longer stood. The use of sliding doors over here is cool as well but I just can’t imagine getting used to that over here on a daily basis but it would be more beneficial to have sliding doors instead of what we use, I could see the advantages…well maybe not the front door.


Next, we moved on to a little lake within the grounds that looked so tranquil, peaceful….until we saw the big group of people all trying to the same thing and that was take a picture of these guys

So Cool!

Fish swimming about drew quite the crowd…for a little while at least but the lake…or pond had a little bridge that went across it and well…

How easily could you fall of this thing?

The picture was taken after they had all gone but imagine this tiny bridge full of people, all taking photos, we had to wait a while before we could take this shot! Worth the wait and I’ve always wanted to find one of these kinds of bridges somewhere, they always look interesting on TV, looks so simple yet elegant. We thought we’d have a quick sit down on a nearby bench but it was already occupied.

Have a nice nap!


We crossed this other interesting look bridge and headed to a nearby rest place to grab some drinks and reflect on our morning so far. It had been fun and full of exploring new wildlife, plants and sculptures which just makes me feel that Japan is a more peaceful country that walks alongside the future, it can remember it’s past and bring the world of tomorrow alongside it as well which is incredible!

I can’t recall ever enjoying going into a garden like this and enjoying it, Hampton Court in London is a close second but this place takes the gold medal for best garden, it has that many things in here that you wouldn’t get bored for hours, you would have to be here for about six hours until it got a little stale which is a long time!

A great place to visit, it’s free after all and it’s fun, what’s not to like when the weather isn’t the best but you don’t want to spend all day indoors because it wasn’t cheap to come to Japan in the first place! Might as well do something fun and educational at the same time, why not explore a giant garden?!


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