Please note that the quotes used in this blog are not mine, they are from the BBC News website, I do not claim any rights to them nor wish to. 

The link and information to this story can be clicked here

According to BBC News, Edinburgh University is to be given £20 million pounds in order to ‘develop new treatments’ for Autism. An organization called The Simons Foundation are the ones to give this money to Edinburgh for such studies and one can only wonder what the outcomes will be for such an amount of money.

Professor Peter Kind is quoted to have said-

“This is an amazing opportunity to bring together a range of scientific and clinical expertise at the university with the aim of understanding how the brain develops on multiple levels, including molecular biology, neural circuitry, genetics, behaviour and cognition.
“By combining these approaches, we will learn how a healthy brain matures and gain valuable insights into the developmental origins of autism.
“Using this knowledge, we aim to deliver new diagnostic tools, better therapeutics and new interventions to the clinic that will address the causes and consequences of autism.”

Kind, P, 7/3/17 BBC News

Honestly, events such as this will continue to happen because it’s science and we will always ask why, what and how about everything in life and Autism is not exempt from this, even though anything like a cure would likely to be unwelcome by the autistic community but as for the developmental and early signs of Autism, would that be welcome?

If I had known about what I have from an early age, maybe things would have been different for me but that’s my opinion! Everyone will have a varied opinion as some will be fine with this but others may not be and they will have reasons for this. No matter our opinion, Human beings shall continue to study how Autism comes to be, how it’s caused and I know everyone will hate this next bit…can it ever be cured…annoying but someone will always look for answers, what’s your opinion? 


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