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Hello and Konnichiwa!



After looking about a Shrine and Palace Gardens, we decided to finish off our second to last day in Tokyo by going over to a new attraction that we’ve seen mentioned in the news various times…we were going to see Tokyo’s Skytree! We chose this location over the Tokyo Tower because it was newer, taller and just looked cooler but still, I went over to see Tokyo Tower as it wasn’t terribly far away from our hotel.

Looks like Blackpool Tower!

This location actually wasn’t the easiest to reach by train, we had to take 2 trains before switching onto the monorail system for the first time to get close to it, otherwise we would have had to walk nearly a mile from the second train station and we didn’t feel totally confident that we would get there in a good time as it was the afternoon and we weren’t too sure what time it closed down, so we opted for the monorail.

Getting used to the monorail was like first getting used to the train system, we didn’t understand what the boards were saying or how much yen we needed for a ticket and they were only single tickets so we had to repeat the process for the return journey as well!

We arrived in good time and quite obviously, the sky-tree didn’t take long to find!


Quite intimidating from the bottom! It’s so tall, it makes Blackpool Tower look tiny in comparison! This structure had plenty of publicity about the place, making it out to be a major attraction and it was…bit expensive but who’s going to moan about prices when you’ve traveled all this way from England anyway? like the one in England, this attraction houses many stores and attractions but this one beats Blackpool Tower, simply for one reason!


This place has a Pokemon Shop! I love finding these places here! The child in me pops out and suddenly, it’s the 1990’s again! And this one has something so cool, I’ll remember it always.


I’d love this in a den somewhere, be a show piece to my house to show guests and such….if I could have fitted any other giant plushy Pokemon in my suitcase like that Bulbasaur, I would have easily! So unfair how so many giant plushies are about here and I can’t find any back home…and I wanted a Ditto so bad!


Best purchase I made in Tokyo, who wouldn’t want a life size Ditto in their house, this Pokemon rules!

Next, we entered the actual tower and went to the top in a really nice looking elevator up to the observation tower or the TEMBO DECK (350m) High up! The following images are some of the shots we took on this floor and I’ll tell you, it’s beyond words as to how it feels seeing Tokyo from a high viewing point, we were breathless at how far it stretched out…it appeared to be endless, a never ending paradise full of wonders and beauty!





Buildings look like ants from up here! it was a struggle to get good shots with so many people trying to do the same thing by the windows, we wandered around the floor, looking in all angles at different parts of the city but sadly, Mt Fuji was not view able from up here and the top floor was closed off for the day but you had to pay extra to go up that far anyway and Emma didn’t want to if she had the option!


We had a photo taken of the occasion, since we were both afraid of heights and all, being this high up was a big achievement for us…I know we flew here on a plane and all but still! We also checked out the glass floor part of the tower that makes you think you are walking on the air which was utterly terrifying, so scary that I forgot to take a picture but I’ll never forget that feeling when I couldn’t see nothing but buildings bellow my feet…you feel alive at that point, your scared but excited as well, such an exhilaration!


I was glad we came here, that we saw this spectacle of human engineering that shows off a jewel in the cap that we call Planet Earth. I could not recall a single moment so far where I said the following

”I have nothing to do!” 

Tokyo has kept me thoroughly entertained every day and as the days rolled on, I slowly became sad that we were soon moving on South to Kyoto and don’t get me wrong, I was excited but it also meant that I wouldn’t be in this great city anymore! It was that fun and entertaining that I was afraid I’d compare the other places we visited to Tokyo and be unfair to it, that’s how good Tokyo is, a giant arena full of the future, the present and a hint of the past, it has it all.

We departed on a high note but not before I purchased a replica model of the Tower to give to my Dad as a souvenir. Oddly enough, we came across an American establishment called Denny’s on the way back and we decided to go there for dinner as they served Japanese dishes and I had Tempura Prawns and a fried rice dish which was actually quite good and Emma had the same so we had a great day and a good meal.

With only one day left, we began to make plans for our journey down south and Emma prayed that we would be able to share a bed again at the next hotel. Grabbing Cyndaquil, she headed off to bed as I read, thinking what to do for our last day in Tokyo.






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