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Today we decided to return to Akihabara for a nice relaxing day or so we thought it would be!  but as we had learnt the first time we came to this wonderful place, it’s a giant jungle that you can easily become lost in and perhaps…even return an entirely different person full of anime and merchandise…just like I did!


What can I say? I just had to go back, I don’t know what it was but I really wanted to relax and play some Japanese arcade games for a bit today before moving on to Kyoto tomorrow…this place has brought me joy and was really the first place I explored in Tokyo so I thought I would more than less end my time in this wonderful city by coming here and spending even more money!


The arcades are all over the place here, is it possible to go to them all and have money left to spend afterwards? You also have so many stores full of figurines, manga, anime and stuff that was 18+ stuff…..still can’t believe my wife accidentally led us onto a floor full of the stuff, she went very red indeed!  You need a lot of yen to fully enjoy this place, that I highly recommend for anyone coming here, enjoy this place and play some games, buy some stuff, get the most out of it and most of all, have fun!

Little streets boxed in by skyscrapers full of fun and some weird stuff thrown in there as well! Expensive stuff over 8,000 yen in many stores yet it’s more expensive than a trip to a maid cafe, which we did again! Last chance to so why not? If pictures could be taken then I’d show them but for obvious reasons, your not allowed to so you’ll have to believe me, the blogger!

Like last time, the maids were over the top but very friendly and they love to have a chat, asking where we were from and such, the atmosphere was a little quieter this time as it was a different location but we just wanted a drink and a sit down this time.I’ll admit that some people told me that I would see a few weird things in Japan and I’ll admit, I was skeptical but today I saw a man dressed up as a man on the streets and another man watching 18+ stuff quite loudly on a train….didn’t say a word but nearly burst out laughing, good thing Emma nudged me with her elbow in time!

We soon after returned to the arcades and can I say that the prices you can win are 10x better than the ones I’ve seen at any fair ground or theme park in the west, these ones look worth winning!


Who wouldn’t want a masterball? It was a nice day to finish our time off in Tokyo! We’ve done so much already in Japan, more nerdy I’ll admit but we’ve been to a Shrine where we prayed and wished for good fortune in the future.


We went to Tokyo Skytree and saw the wonders of the city from above and even though I have a fear of heights, the city was enough to distract me from the massive drop.

We ventured to Disney and spent two days exploring the parks instead of other parts of Tokyo but it’s what my wife wanted so I had no choice.

And had some wonderful amazing food and bought many things in the last week that I was I could have again now, months later. I can never recall a holiday where every single thing I ate was great, I normally have at least one thing that I don’t agree with but so far, that hasn’t happened here, minus the sweets from South Korea.

Overall, Tokyo has been amazing, mind blowing even! A city that I was truly going to miss but as we went back to our hotel after a last meal of noodles, we reflected on our wonderful time here, it had been fun, exciting and time we would never forget! But Japan is more than just Tokyo, it has various other places for us to explore and we knew that we had so much more yet to see and do.

Tomorrow we ride the Shinkansen bullet train to Kyoto for the next 7 days before going home, I can’t wait to see some more places!


Sayonara Tokyo!


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