The morning came and we sighed as we finished packing our suitcases after having breakfast in the restaurant downstairs. After doing so, we slowly checked out of the hotel and walked towards the nearest train station. Feeling excited about the next chapter of our journey, we started to talk about what we could be doing for the next week but remembered all that we had done so far as well.

We were satisfied that our week in Tokyo had been well spent and that the next week will be still just as good as well. True, Kyoto wasn’t as big as Tokyo but it had another view of Japan to explore but could be just as fun as well.

We arrived at the station and boarded our train to go to Tokyo Station, it was busy as always but part of me felt that I would miss this busy rush everyday as it added an atmosphere to everything that you do, like it makes your day out worth it as you have to work hard to get to it by crawling and rushing through the busy place that was Tokyo Station.


We waited for our Bullet train to arrive after making our way through the maze of a train station and as we waited in the waiting room as we had arrived a little bit early, therefore we explored the shops for a little bit, rather than just sit and wait and watch the clock tick away. As we looked around, we saw a store that sold food so thinking ahead, we went and saw some good lunch options, including this-

Bullet Train Bento

We both got ourselves a Bento box to enjoy as we traveled from Tokyo to Kyoto and were satisfied with our choices but weren’t sure if they came with chopsticks or not but I went back and was assured that they did have them so we were satisfied, very much so.

Finally, we saw our train come into the station and it was a satisfying moment for me as I have ALWAYS wanted to go on one of these trains….boarding it was amazing as i saw the inside of the train for the very first time and it looked so spacious, compared to a fast train in the UK, I have often found them to be squeezed in sometimes, yet on this train I had all the space in the world.

Snapshot 1 (3-14-2017 4-37 PM)

The train departed and we said our goodbyes to Tokyo as we gained speed and before long, we couldn’t see the metropolis and more of the outskirts as we moved along south. I knew that Tokyo was a massive place so it would take a little bit to fully get away from the city yet I was glued to my window as I was going to explore the Japanese countryside but it was time to have some lunch as well so I opened up my Bento box and this was what I found inside!


The pork cutlets were delicious as was the rice and beef croquette…I had always wanted to try a Bento box…nothing to do with watching anime or anything…..still annoyed I haven’t found any noodle subs anywhere yet!

The seats were very comfortable and it would have been easy to fall asleep in all of this but I was to excited to do such a thing! I even went and explored the rest of the train at one point. We both thought it was cool to see the train guard bow every time he entered and departed the carriage and that you could buy cola from the trains vending machine which might not seem much but the cans just looked strange, compared to what you normally get.

It was hard to take any photos during the journey as the train moves that fast, everything just zooms by that nothing would have been visible in the photo, that and most of the time, we were going in and out of tunnels the majority of the journey. The announcements for stations were pretty cool as we had a bit of music before each one and we saw that we had to slow down quite a bit before we arrived at the station which was quite cool as we had to slow down for about five minutes before we finally came to a halt at a station.

A couple of hours later, we heard the announcement that we were approaching Kyoto so with that said, we got our stuff ready and before long, we pulled into the station, we had now arrived in Kyoto!

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