Hello there, I’m somewhat of a traveler or have become sort of one in recent years…not your typical Brit who voted to leave the EU under false pretenses or anything like that…no idea why I said that…we shall have to see what happens in the coming years…not that we have a choice!

Anyway, I have since discovered that going abroad and seeing a new country every single time is a fun thing to do, so many places that I probably wouldn’t have gone to normally….I didn’t think Belgium was ever going to be on my destination list….yet now Bruges is a place I’d love to go back to someday because it holds an important event in my life now! Japan was a place so far away, I assumed it was always to be out of my reach and price range


Travel is something that I just love to do, the feeling of exploring a brand new place every single time is wonderful to me, an amazing prospect to see a bit more of the planet every time. I am not one of those people who can go to the same destination year in and out….nothing wrong with it but I would feel like I could always be seeing a brand new place instead

Not counting places we’ve been to in Britain, here is a list of the countries I have visited in recent years.

  • Italy
  • Tenerife
  • Holland
  • Belgium
  • France
  • America
  • Japan



This was all in the space of say 6 years and I was in University for 3 of those years! I feel a bit more wiser and confident about myself for seeing so many different places, taking in different cultures, foods and even weather….never been boiling hot yet have it rain at the same time! I find it funny how I’ve been abroad many times, yet never explored my own doorstep! Here are a few places I haven’t been to yet

  • Wales
  • Scotland
  • Northern Ireland
  • Ireland

No idea why I have never been to any of these places yet…been to Isle of Man and Jersey though…better than nothing! The next place for us to explore this year is going to be in Britain…not sure for how much longer but it’s Scotland! I am sure that I will have a wonderful time exploring Edinburgh and the lush Highlands…hopefully it won’t be pouring it down with rain the entire time, get enough of that here as it is!

holiday 037.JPG

It has been fun seeing the vast cities of Bruges, Paris and Amsterdam, exploring the Italian countryside, getting lost in the giant theme parks of Orlando, taking in the culture that is Japan and relaxing by the poolside, beach and lazy rivers of Tenerife but I feel like I still have so many places that I want to see at least once in this lifetime, I think I’m addicted to travelling…should do it for a job or something! Never am one for staying still for too long…hell I wander off in the supermarket when we go shopping….I still play Pokemon Go! I like to be on the move, see new wonders and try new things all the time.

Travelling makes me happy, that’s all there is to it really, I always feel really overjoyed to go away for a week or so and do something exciting everyday, heck even going for a walk through the town or city we are staying in is exciting to me! I don’t always need to climb a volcano, go to the beach or the big tourist attractions…Sorrento was amazing by itself! All I need is a camera, nice weather and an upbeat attitude to have a good time somewhere new!

Going to a new place every time has an allure to it, a new patch of grass….a new range of countryside, a different culture, it’s always interesting and you learn something new all the time, sure it’s good to go back to a place you have visited in the past, I’ve been to Tenerife and France twice and enjoy both places but as for right now, I wouldn’t mind seeing Denmark, Germany, China, Canada and Egypt as destinations someday!


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