It was slightly late, we were tired from our trek but we had found our destination and were thrilled when we opened our bedroom door for the first time. The staff were very friendly to us and gave us all the information about the hotel that we needed such as restaurants, when cleaning is done and that we get a newspaper every morning…in Japanese but the thought is there!


Our hotel looked a bit more classier than the previous hotel to be honest, our bedroom looked much nicer and we even had a desk! a flipping desk! Awesome, it was great for writing up all my notes from our days out, food etc the bed was a double which Emma was thrilled about! and we had more space for our stuff etc


Japanese toilet that can warm your seat and has many other features that made me want to take this thing home with me! A toilet like this would be a life saver for many people! I had always wanted to see one in person and it doesn’t disappoint….can’t believe I’m going on and on about a toilet!


We had only just arrived and unpacked and I was still a bit ticked off about how long it had took us to get to the hotel from the train station…you can read about that escapade here- Lost in Kyoto it was late in the afternoon and we were tired and hungry….fortunately I wasn’t annoyed enough to not go out and find a place to eat so with that said, we departed back down the path we had come from until we got to the main road and then headed up for about 10 minutes, passing a University before we came across a place called Papa Jons which we thought was to have Pizza etc well it said that in the guide book I had bought in Britain…alas it was a bakery that served cheesecake, so we had cheesecake for dinner instead

I was ready for anything after a whole day of wandering like a headless chicken in the middle of a desert! It was nighttime now and we were sleepy so after our food, we began to make our way back towards the hotel when we came across a set of stores, so we decided to check them out


So many manga books, so little time! I even bought one…even though I can’t read Japanese…it’s still in it’s packaging to this day…probably will keep it that way until the book comes out in English! Basic stores over here just look more exciting than the ones back home, probably because most of them have a cartoon feel to them, like if you’ve watched anime, than chances are you’d be reminiscing a lot by walking into a store because it looks exactly like one, it just has more vibrancy to it here and it just makes a better experience for the shopper! Or it does for me anyway!

Since we basically just had dessert for our dinner, we stopped off at a 7/11 and picked up some small Japanese food items to try out in our hotel room, here are some of them

Never had a rice ball before or melon bread, both are great by the way! Give them a go if you ever get the chance to do so because it would be so worth it. After we had eaten and relaxed, we headed to bed, knowing that tomorrow we would properly begin exploring the area and seeing sights and such, we couldn’t wait!



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