We decided to head down the road towards the Imperial Palace, it only took about 5 minutes to get there and since it was our first day in Kyoto, we didn’t want to head to far way until we were a bit more familiar with the area. The heat was scorching like any other day…but it was the first day of September and it’s always boiling over here at this time so I did often venture over to any Vending machine and purchase many drinks to stay cool, many of them were this drink!



Emma decided to wear a really short skirt due to the heat but was unsure whether it was too short and she asked me my opinion but I wasn’t that sure so I just said to do what makes her comfortable, funny thing is that decision would come back to bite us later on during the day.

We arrived outside the gates to the palace yet were unsure whether we were allowed in or not because of our experience in Tokyo, whether we had to book in advance to go in but we saw many people just walking in so we just followed suite and walked inside the grounds and were given a tour guide speaker with headphones!


We followed the guide and listened to all the history of the palace and learnt that it burnt down quite a lot throughout it’s history as well as how each building was built and what each building entailed, what it’s purpose was, I found it all fascinating, as much as when we had explored Hampton Court or Kensington Palace in London. It’s nice to enjoy palaces on two different continents for different reasons, both for the history they represent but the differences between them both are fascinating enough as well, like how they were built, what historical figures stayed there etc.



It was free to look around, Kyoto Palace. It’s a nice place full of history and culture and it’s free, not bad! Cost you a bit to see Buckingham Palace I’ll guarantee! The palace looked amazing! every gate and wall and building got so much attention, I would move inches at a time before taking a picture or two of something…so much detail in everything here and I know Palaces in London have detail to them as well but Japan’s just has that ‘something’ that makes me prefer them more.

Even the tatami mats in the waiting rooms for the palace guests of the past looked so majestic and awesome. Every building just looks so cool, I struggle to describe them because not one building looked boring or uninteresting…all looked explorable, like so much effort was placed onto each one. All the gates looked intimidating, not just there for show, it reminds you that this was once the place where all the major decisions for the country were made…where history was made!


Emma next paused as we saw the garden part of the grounds and oh my goodness, these places just look like something out of a fairy tale.


So much greenage here, the lush grass and wildlife and so much beauty to be found all around, it’s funny how you can find a garden that makes you contemplate life, to reflect and feel relaxed with everything but a garden can do that weirdly enough…so peaceful and tranquil.



Why has this country made me love gardens so much? Because they all look so beautiful! You tell me that you couldn’t feel relaxed by a place like this! It was about this time that an American gentleman came over to us and apologized to us both but he had to point out that my wife’s skirt was slightly up! How red her face went after that, I laughed of course, I really couldn’t help it. Never have I ever seen such honesty from a stranger, oh well…we had to go back to the hotel shortly afterwards…so Emma could change!

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