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Today we were on our way north west to see a wonderful sight, one that I had planned to see before we left Britain when I was looking at possible destinations to see in Japan, it was first on my list and I was thrilled when we finally had the chance to go, The Golden Pavilion.

We rode a bus in Japan for the first time today which to be honest, doesn’t sound that exciting but like in England, you need EXACT change for it! You pay when you get off and it’s often so crowded, it’s a sardine in a can situation….what a crazy ride….like Crazy bus! Bumpy yet we were able to arrive in one piece, a bit dizzy like but all in all, one piece!

Once again, the sun was out in full force but that sky was as beautiful as always…it’s nice to have so many great days without full force rain ruining your holiday! We headed into the grounds and waited in line to get in…I couldn’t wait to see this Golden building that everyone was talking about (Kinkaku-Ji) 金閣寺 but we had a small wander first along a path before you turn a corner…and there it is in all it’s golden glory


Naturally, you have tons of people taking pictures all in one area so it took us a few minutes to get any decent pictures without someone walking across or anything like that but we got some at least, plus we could look at this amazing structure, built in 1397 as a retirement villa for shogun Ashikaga Yoshi-mitsu, it was converted into a Buddhist Temple by his son.


On top, you can see a bronze phoenix and I even learned that in the 1950’s, it was burned down by a monk who was obsessed with it! It was obviously rebuild but it has a history and it’s one of the most popular tourist attractions in Kyoto and in Japan.  A lovely scene to place such a building to be honest, a masterpiece.

Very bright….seriously, I ended up getting a headache because I stared at it for to long! So many groups taking pictures…just imagine being here by yourself, having this wonderful place to yourself….you’d feel at peace, relaxed and away from all the troubles of the world. I loved this place and if alone, could spend all day here but obviously, the tourist are a bit distracting.


We checked about the gardens to this place as well and they were so stunning…like I’ve said before, Japan has made me love gardens and this one completes the picture…making this area almost perfect, if you had money to splash, you could build a place like this!



Next, we decided to have our fortunes told as we found a little place that gave us fortunes so we got one each and here are the results.



Abide time with patience, just as the tide will flow after it has ebbed. You are suffering from a trouble no one has noticed. Be paitent and faithful and abide your time and you’ll have a great fortune.


It isn’t good to try to realize it by force. Abide your time.


He (She) won’t come, nor write to you


It will be found in your own house


Not now


The prices are always going down


Banish worldly thoughts from your mind and set your target early.


Sell now: The prices are going down.


Do not try now.


Love her deeply with faith


All Right


No problem. Take it easy.


Be faithful and you’ll recover from it.


Listen to others carefully. Refrain from your insistence.



Cherry blossoms are now at their best in the spring field. Flying are the butterflies around my sleeves.

You are succeeding in life and making a fortune as if the season were changing into spring. You may feel as if you were wandering in the beautiful field full of flowers. A good-hearted person will appear and help you. Be faithful or you’ll be ruined.


It will be fulfilled, but always be careful


He (or she) will come. You’ll hear from him (or her)


Before long you’ll find it.


No problem. But take care of yourself.


You’ll never lose. You’ll be able to get some profits.


No problem. Study on.


Just wait. Select a day.


Restrain yourself. Depend on your partner.


Believe in love.


Make haste.


Easy birth. Your baby will grow healthy.


You’ll recover. Be faithful.


Walk, don’t run. Take your time.

Overall, a great place to visit but to be honest, the most you’d probably spent here is an hour or a bit more as apart from the Pavilion itself and the gardens, not much else is here to keep you occupied once you’ve past the golden building which by the way is worth the 400 yen entrance fee alone but after a while, you run out of things to do which isn’t bad because it means you can fit in another activity or two during the rest of the day, which we intended to do as our next stop was going to be… Kiyomizu-Dera

To be continued.

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