Hello and Konnichiwa 今晩は


Welcome to part 21 of my Japanese adventure! Today we move from the The Golden Pavilion to the temple called Kiyomizu-Dera but before we go over there….we feel a bit hungry so head over to Marutamachi subway station to grab some lunch and behold…we find a place that sells Dumplings!


Octopus Dumplings for lunch! So awesome!! The people at the takeout place were incredibly friendly to us and helped us choose what to have and my goodness, they burnt the top of Emma’s mouth, that hot! But oh so delectable, mouth watering and oh so full of flavour.


Next we went over to a temple called Kiyomizu-Dera and what a view! I totally didn’t get the idea from an anime or anything…took us a while to get to this place by train and even after that….you have a big climb through a town hill to get to the entrance to this place…makes sense really considering the fact that it’s on a very tall hillside!

I get this face when I mention the word stairs to Emma


To be fair though, she had just climbed the hillside at Fushimi-Inari yesterday, went around the Golden Pavilion this morning, it was 37 degrees hot and the roof of her mouth had recently been burnt by Octopus Dumplings…so yeah…..I get that face! She has done well going to all of these places though…I’m totally not getting revenge for being forced to go to Disney Land in Tokyo or anything…of course not…come on guys! Now if you don’t mind, we’ll walk up a massive hill in this hot weather and wander around for a while without stopping for a drink or anything…I’m kidding, we have water!

This place looked really neat, the obvious thing to look towards was this


Again…I totally didn’t watch Lucky Star and get the idea to come here….of course not! Look at that! The view was lovely and even for someone like me who is terrified of heights, it was worth looking down along with everyone else….don’t fall off…you could die! Seriously though, be careful if you come here, don’t lean over the railing at all and admire the view from a safe place…no picture, selfie or video is worth your life!


We spent about an hour and a half here walking around the site, it was pretty busy and they were even doing some construction work in one area! We prayed and drank pure water which was really needed on a day like this and of course…took photos….what, you think I’m going to travel thousands of miles across the planet and not do that?!


Every day in Kyoto so far has blessed us with scorching heat but not much wind so it’s hot as anything over here…back home you get nice weather from time to time but you always have that bit of wind to cool you down….haven’t felt a breeze over here at all. Is this why I’ve seen people from Australia wrap up like it’s winter when they come to Britain on what I class as a warm day….I think it’s warm, they think it’s freezing!


The evening soon set and we made our way back into Kyoto and went back for some more curry! Emma laughed because it was my idea….she now thinks I’ll be all for Curries when we go back home….TAKE THE ONIONS OUT AND I’LL CONSIDER IT!!


Sausage Curry? Do people in Japan just throw anything into a curry? Burgers….Sausage…Eggplants??? Apparently so but most of them work! Not sure about the eggplant one though, sounds nasty! Sausage curry was great…it just works….weirdly enough and it was a nice way to end the day.

We decided that tomorrow, we would head out of Kyoto and travel o the Bullet Train once more, we would head to the nearby city of Osaka for the day! For food, fun and even explore the castle…if we can find it!

More soon!


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