Hello, I’m a man and today I will write a little bit about what I think about Feminism or in this case…extreme feminism! It’s the year 2017 and let’s face it…we’re all incredibly soft in this day and age…you can’t go that long without offending somebody for a reason that makes you scratch your head…I’ve seen people get offended when asked about the weather…in Britain, THAT’S WHAT WE DO!  

If you’ve watched a video on Feminism on YouTube, chances are you’ve watched a group of Women, mostly from America go on and on about how Men treat them like dirt but instead of standing up to these men….they do nothing but moan about it online….that’s what people do nowadays! We don’t resolve issues, we just hide behind computers and complain…constantly! One example was a woman complaining how a male colleague at her job under minded her work but he was new and she was more experienced but because he was a male, he was listened to and she wasn’t…so all Men do this? That’s how she made it out but have you asked the entire Male population that or are you just assuming that because one does it, we all do it?!

Let’s use a little common sense here Western world! For me, Men and Women are equal, you can have good and bad of both genders….yes Ladies, you can have evil women who are assholes as well! Evil women who rape, murder and steal and you get evil Men as well who do the same. It’s 2017 people….how are we still doing this?

Many of the smartest people I know are women and many are men, I don’t care what gender you are, why would that matter….I wouldn’t choose a male over a female because he’s a male, it would be because he was better skilled for the job. If the woman was better skilled, then I would obviously choose her over the male…no bitter feelings of hatred or gender superiority…we are all human….do we forget that sometimes? That at the end of the day, Males and Females are human?! We have arms, legs and we bleed if you prick us, yet we have to make a giant divide because of gender? It makes no sense??

I just don’t get why some men and women have to stereotype the other gender and assume all are like one or two people….one male rapes so all do then? Why…what the hell makes you think that? One woman steals from a store so do all women steal? NO! Yet you get these people making videos belittling the other gender and very impressionable people watching and believing it as fact!

I know people say, Men are known more to so it…I DON’T CARE, WOMEN ARE CAPABLE! Mary the 1st of England burnt over 300 Catholics during her reign…Oh but Henry Viii executed two of his wives because women were bargaining chips in the royal courts of Europe! Elizabeth Báthory had young women killed in her castle and she bathed in their blood! It’s possible…why should it be that much of a difference which gender does it more? It just feels like something we’ll never get past because if one gender does it more, the other doesn’t do it…what if it was the other way round? What if Women were more known for rape then Men? Would we be saying the same thing or making up an excuse for it? No, we shouldn’t do anything, whatever gender…its wrong!

We should not assume that all men or women are the same because one or two bad eggs exist in the batch…yet so many do and it’s annoying because the next generation, what will they think…if a young girl hears that a woman was raped by a man, will she assume that all men do that? I hope not but the amount that the Human race has changed in the last 15 years is startling…ever since the Internet was more accessible and usable by all, we’ve all become touchy and soft because so many more people can speak to us from behind a computer screen and say things like ‘Men are rapists’ or ‘Women are inferior’ and it spreads….I dread to think of the Human Race in another 15 years.

Assuming that all men are the same is really stupid…I’m sorry but I always hear the phrase ‘All men are the same’ Ummm no they are not! Far from it!  All Women aren’t the same and I don’t assume that….so why is it ok for Extreme Feminists to go online and belittle an entire gender for the stupidest of reasons….if you were raped or sexually abused, I am sorry but taking it out on innocent males who have done you no harm isn’t the answer…one or two people’s actions should not be passed down onto the rest of the herd! I know you’ll have male groups that actually belittle and hate women…When did the human race get so weird? We spend all day insulting the other gender, like-

‘Women belong in the kitchen’


‘Men are sexist pigs!’

SOME will think these statements….not all! We should not live in an age where so many people can be offended to this point! You can’t ask people about their day as much as you were able to in the 90’s…nowadays, some people will bite your head off…I’ve even had my head chewed off by a woman in a store because I said good morning to her, she said

‘Men are evil, don’t ever talk to me again!’

I was shocked but I didn’t go home that day feeling like all women were like that…one person doesn’t affect the rest! One day, I hope that Men and Women are exactly 50/50 all around the world, like it should have always been….no gender over the other! It sounds too hard for some people though….some are sadly brainwashed into thinking that the other gender is evil for some reason…not once have I thought myself bellow or above a woman, why would I?

If a woman raped me for example, I wouldn’t go on to hate all Women for the rest of my life, I’d hate that one woman who did something without my consent but I wouldn’t spend the rest of my days moaning about it to everyone and making so many people look bad…it just boggles the mind as to how some of these people live their lives…like they are proud that they hate MEN…for what one or two people did to them….Feminism is about equality….having Women become the dominant gender is not the answer

Not all men rape, just like not all women are full of hate and spite like some I have seen…Stereotyping is bad! It’s not rocket science people, don’t believe everything you see on the Internet, be smart to use common sense….yes you have bad people in both genders but you have that many more good people in both as well! We should not spend our days belittling each other over this.

WE ARE ALL HUMAN! MEN, WOMEN….IT’S INFURIATING HOW Generation after generation seems to get stupider and stupider somewhat because of technology….in ten years, you won’t be able to speak without causing offense! Wouldn’t shock me! I feel like we were more aware and sensible before technology made life easier…we didn’t rely on TV recording our programs for us, we watched them when they were scheduled to be on, we could go outside and not worry about being kidnapped! Some of my closest friends were girls when I was a kid and I never even once thought about gender or stuff like that, I was too busy being a kid! Is it that hard for some to admit that not all men are sexist pigs who view women as inferior? That not all women want Men completely removed from everything?

If Men and Women could work together and view the other as a complete equal, I think the world would be in a better position than it is right now. Men and Women are equal, I will never look down upon a Woman, based on gender, why would I? Why should anyone? And Vice Versa…

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