Here we go again, another journey on the Bullet Train this morning as we head away from Kyoto for the day to go to another Japanese city that’s on my list of things to do here, today we go to Osaka! The actual train journey wasn’t that long at all actually…about 15 minutes from Kyoto to Osaka is fast!


Initial thoughts has me think that Osaka looks like a smaller Tokyo but minus all the Anime but it all looks amazing in my eyes. Huge buildings all around and an atmosphere that makes you feel alive…everything looks busy and lively, even though I walked past a H and M and a Starbucks while I was here!

The weather was a tad grey today, the first in a few days to be honest but it never rained but I’ll admit it was a bit cooler than the other day when we went to  Kiyomizu-Dera where I couldn’t feel a bit of wind at all. I am glad we are exploring outside of Kyoto where we are staying but don’t get me wrong, Kyoto is great! Yet I know that other places are here where I would love to explore before going back home…Osaka being one of them, that and the more I go on a Bullet Train, the better!

We wanted to grab a spot of lunch as it was around noon so I looked in my guide book and saw a place that looked really good on Dotombori street so we needed to go on quite a few trains to get to this place as Osaka has many different lines around the city and my guide book wasn’t the most clearest as to how to get to this place. The closest station was about a five minute walk from the street so after our third train, we headed into a busy area and followed along the canal


We almost missed the restaurant at one point but we were able to spot many people heading around a corner and we followed them to a very lively place, full of life and we knew that we had found the right place, or I hoped that we had!

20160903_144019.jpg This place was quite interesting as we had to go up to the floor via an elevator and were greeted and sat at the front where we could watch food being prepared right in front of our eyes. Chibo is known for it’s Okonomiyaki and I decided to order a Dotomoboriyaki!


This gem includes Pork, Beef, Squid, Shrimp and cheese, all inside of a pancake wrapping or it might be egg, I can’t really remember! It was extremely filling and it makes you hungry as you watch it being made in front of you, very professional! I start to think that I need to up the amount of jogs I do when I get back home after all of this good food but I laugh as I think this as I’m on my honeymoon…I’m allowed to enjoy myself a little bit!

After we ate, we decided to head over to Osaka Castle but it was quite the walk to get there….we explored the area heading there and found a park that we needed to walk through to get to the entrance but it took us a while as an event was taking place here


We headed past a massive queue for a show and headed through the park to the Castle and the first thing that catches your eyes isn’t the castle itself or the moat that stands around it….the first thing that I saw that made me gasp was the intimidating wall around it all.


This is just a part of it but it looks daunting, like if you were an invading soldier trying to take this place….you would know that you were in for a rough fight to just get beyond the walls of this place. It was a bit late in the afternoon as we had spent a while exploring the area, admiring the scenery, looking in stores and having lunch and we knew the castle closed at 5 so we would only have an hour or so to look around the place…I was alright with that and all but it took a bit longer to get to the entrance of this castle as it had many hills and stairs to climb to get up the slope towards the payment gate.


It was recommend that we walked all the way to the top floor and then begin exploring by going down but I can’t remember the reason why…might have been because the place was closing in an hour but we went to the top floor and explore that first and made our way down, exploring each floor along the way

It’s a nice place but can be got around in around an hour easily to be honest, especially when it’s full of other people who zip around like it’s a race…you learn the history of the place etc and it’s fascinating…really is but I just wish I had arrived a little bit earlier so I had more time to explore it in depth but we rushed because of the limited time available to us.

On the way back to the train station, we returned to Dotombori Street where I fancied purchasing something for the evening so I went ahead and bought these at a stand near a crab resturaunt….really wish we had gone there for something to eat….really wanted some crab!


Kakutani which were crab biscuits…..basically how it sounds and they weren’t half bad really! I wanted to buy something and this was ok with me….we went to the station but decided to get the slower train back home just to change it up a bit and you notice the difference immediately as we stopped at every station on the way back, it took about an hour and we were a bit sleepy so a rest was due….the last few days were catching up to us and Emma was falling asleep.

Our exploring was not finished with Osaka, we had a few more places to see yet, including our next destination…..tomorrow, we were heading to Nara, for the deer and the temples and what a day that was going to be.

More Soon.


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