Well, it’s begun…Theresa May has signed Article 50 and it has been delivered to Brussels, meaning that in 2 years time from today, Britain will more than likely be out of the EU. I will never forget waking up on the 24th of June, 2016 to the news that Britain had voted to leave the EU, not stay and try to make it better. I was a remain voter, I didn’t know all of the facts and wasn’t sure leaving was the best idea but now I have no choice to go along and hope for the best, I mean what choice do I have?

Britain is my home…yet I’ve never visited Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland…I’ve been into Mainland Europe more, maybe I should visit my doorstep a little bit more in the upcoming years. On Brexit though….you have to ask, why is it happening? Is it because of Immigration? Being told what to do by Brussels? I often hear people saying that they want Britain to go back to how it once was and I scratch my head at this somewhat amazing world that people talk about and ask, if it was so wonderful…why isn’t it still here today…are you blaming Europe for that? Is it because we don’t make as much stuff as we used to in say the 60’s? Do you think that will all come back once we control our borders again?

I wonder how I will explain this event to my children when they learn about it, will I know what to say or will I still be clueless about it all as I am today in 2017? If your reading this from say France, Germany, Italy etc understand that not everyone wanted to leave, many wanted to stay but we don’t have a choice but to go along with this and hope for the best. I love visiting Europe, I’ve been to France and Italy and thoughtfully loved them!

Do I think that Britain will miraculously do so much better out of the EU than in it? If we were to do so, it would take a very long time to get anywhere…I see many years of hardship as we get going and establishing ourselves….their won’t be any grass is greener on day one or year one, you’d be foolish to think so! As for Immigration…some of the best people I’ve worked with are Immigrants from Europe, hard workers who do a great job, one example was where I was unloading a delivery at my job when I was 16, the driver was Polish and he did a great job and was helpful as I was by myself….another time the driver was English hand he barely did anything, dropped a cage, swore and drove off! Not to say everyone is like that but that’s the only example I have.

I mean today I spoke to a man from Scotland who wanted Britain to leave the EU and this surprised me, regarding everything that is happening with Scotland right now but as he told me, not everyone in Scotland voted to stay, many also wanted to leave! Will Scotland go it’s own way and try to stay with the EU…who knows but even they don’t have any guarantees that they would even get back in the EU once they come out because they will at the same time as we do, that’s happening! Maybe they do get back in…who knows but that’s the problem, no one knows what will happen and it’s frustrating because no one really knows if splitting away is sensible or down right stupid because this has never happened before!

It’s hard to describe the feelings that I want to express right now, I feel scared, I feel like my country is going down a path and we can’t see what’s around the corner…the future for our children and children’s children is one of uncertainty, I just hope that in time, things begin to look better for Britain, maybe we stay united as a nation or we split apart and go our separate ways…we don’t know what will happen, only time will tell.

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