We were at Kyoto station at Sunday noon, ready to go and explore a whole new place, Nara. Our train pulled in and it looked old, compared to the other trains we had seen in Japan but regardless boarded and as we set off, we got excited about arriving into Nara as it was a lovely day, everyone seemed happy and we were enjoying our honeymoon.

That train journey was more like something out of a fairy tale!  It took 90 minutes to do it…seriously…every few minutes we had a stop and it took an age but the scenery was so picturesque and beautiful, I felt like we were travelling through a Studio Ghibli film, it was great! so much lush greenery and little towns and villages in the countryside, amazing…I forgot to take pictures…well I did but with my mind and I can’t print them out sadly…it was great though!

Chips with Cheese on, YUM!

We eventually arrived and set out for our lunch, which ended up being Pizza…never thought how Japan would tackle a Pizza…it was alright, we went to a place called Napoli’s and they put Feta Cheese on the Pizza…turns out I don’t like Feta Cheese!


We moved towards the parks and what did we see all over the place? Deer, that’s what…all over the place! Failed selfie here…couldn’t get my head in the shot when a deer came close to me…I didn’t know they came so close…I didn’t even have any food on me…never been so close to one before, it was so cool.



We bought some deer biscuits and spent a bit feeding the animals but I think I was a bit better at it then my wife…she panicked all the time when they came near her and she tried to run away but you should never run from a deer with food in your hands! They were only a couple of deer chasing her but it was her reactions that I couldn’t help but laugh at, I just thought it was a bit of an overreaction but maybe I’m being harsh.

I couldn’t help but laugh, it wasn’t going to hurt her, it just wanted the food! To be fair though, a lot of people ran from them when they came over for the biscuits. It was a fun experience…for me anyway because I’ve never felt like you can walk up to an animal like that and just feed it…I loved every moment of it, even though they kept following me after I ran out of food, only 150 yen per bag and all so I bought about 4 bags during the day and would return every now and then to feed them again during the rest of the day.


We headed over to the Todai-Ji Temple and what you see in here is something that you should take with you for the rest of your life….in this wonderful place is a giant Buddha statue that is immense and breath taking. I had never seen such a thing in all my life…I saw Emma begin to pray to it…wonder what she said?


This was inside the Daibutsu-Den Hall and the whole area was surrounded by school kids…hundreds of them, never seen anything like it and most of them were looking for English speaking people to ask questions to…we assumed it was for an assignment because they approached us so we answered their questions and they thanked us…politely.



We lit up some Incense candles while we were here and explored this peaceful place for a while. They even had a pole with a small hole running through it and if you can crawl through it, good fortune falls upon you or that’s what is believed as a giant queue for it was about…I didn’t do it because I don’t like small gaps, that and I didn’t want to wait around for ages when I could be exploring more!

We headed back outside and could barely hear ourselves think, we had so many schools around the area. I even tried to take a picture of the building but couldn’t get a clear shot


We went back to feed the deer some more but time was getting on as it was late in the afternoon…we had stayed in Kyoto for the morning…it was Sunday which makes me wonder why so many schools were on a trip during the weekend? Do kids go to school at the weekend over here? After seeing some more deer which were the highlight of my day


We headed back into Nara and decided to go into one of it’s arcades and weirdly enough…I won something…two things actually…not the best quality picture but these are what I won in Nara!


It’s a game where you have to drop balls you pick up with a crane and drop into the correct holes that have a star in, it’s harder than it sounds as they bounce like crazy all over the place but one of them bounced into the star hole and a lady came over and said I could chose two figurines but to be honest, she handed me these two and walked off! Still very happy to win something over here, especially a figurine or two…brand new!

With that done, we set off from Nara back to Kyoto but along the way, we stopped at a station and were there for a while…unsure why I stepped off the train for a moment and to my horror, saw that it was smaller than I remember it being when I first got on it, half of it had continued on towards Kyoto and the half we were on was supposed to go to Osaka! Not wanting to panic, we kept calm and decided to actually go to Osaka and grab some dinner! We were still surprised and laughed it off, it was so sudden and unexpected…unannounced or if it was, it was in Japanese!

We went to Osaka and it was dark so we saw a nearby shopping center and headed inside to find a whole floor of food places, including a sushi place…we haven;t had sushi yet so thought, let’s eat here!  These are what we had and each piece had a small amount of Wasabi on…hot but it was good!

  • Snow Crab
  • Shrimp
  • Tuna
  • Red Miso Soup
  • Shrimp Tempura
  • Sea Urchin

All stuff I tried here…I said I wanted Crab! Staff were very friendly to us and helped us understand how to order which was fantastic! Best sushi I’ve ever had….probably won’t go to Yo Sushi for a while after being in Japan, it’s way better over here! Satisfied, we took the Bullet Train back to Kyoto but at the station, as we tried to but subway tickets back to our hotel, a Japanese woman shoved past my wife and tried to help me buy tickets, getting annoyed when my wife came back and told her that we didn’t need any help, she just stared at us as we got our tickets and walked off…no idea what that was about but she wanted to be nice to me but not my wife…. I think she was trying to be friendly but went about it in an odd way, oh well, just thought the whole ordeal was strange.

We went back to our hotel room, full, tired and happy…it had been a great day and tomorrow, we would head to the city of Himeji!

More Soon!

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