Here we go again, it’s that time of the year…Autism awareness month, a time where we should all be united and together on the matter of making Autism more known to the wide world and understood yet all month long…all I see is a debate on whether or not to light it up Blue


This has been a debate for many years now and doesn’t look likely to disappear any time soon as many see no harm in wearing blue to represent their Autism during the month of April but so many don’t like the idea and it might be because of the group Autism Speaks. I swear…I’ve never seen a group with so much hate behind them and I can understand why…if you’ve seen the video at least! Autism Speaks Commercial powerful stuff! Incredibly offensive! baffles the mind to think how people can think this way and act like it’s normal…sometimes April is a month I just can’t wait to be over with already, bring on May!

I mean we still live in an age where women with Autism are still undiagnosed, it’s more common apparently for a male to have it but it’s ok, let’s all dress it up in blue and be stereotypes for a month…because the world cares! I mean…did you know that Autism is here, all day every day of the year! Yet only a month is specially dedicated to making it ‘aware’ we all still argue over whether vaccinations cause Autism even though they don’t and even so what’s worse….Autism or Polio?? Are people stupid by not having children vaccinated? It’s not the bloody middle ages people. we can stop many deadly diseases so easily….selfish that parents decide the fate of their children…I’m sure they’ll thank you in the future when they have a deadly disease caused by you and your opinion on the matter…might be out of place but if I were a child not vaccinated and I got something like Polio or Small pox! Because my parents hated vaccinations, I’d hate them for the rest of my life! I’d never speak to them again! Do you know why we never hear of Measles or Small Pox anymore??? Vaccinations you twits! Yet more and more people are choosing to not have their children Vaccinated…well look who will likely be making a comeback some time soon! Measles Outbreak In Europe

I swear each generation just gets more touchy and out of place…are we going forwards or backwards people?? Kids are dressing up as clowns every Autumn! Parents are fined for taking kids out of school on a holiday because the prices go sky high during a school break and you can’t do ANYTHING to discipline a child without consequences for it…great future people! Round of applause if you think Vaccinations are bad for some strange reason…I have Autism and I was vaccinated yet I don’t blame my parents for that because vaccinations didn’t cause it, I WAS BORN WITH IT! Every sight I find saying Vaccines are bad are American by the way…if you against Vaccinations…look up a recent event in Europe where a Measles outbreak is happening and every child that isn’t vaccinated is in danger! It’s not a joke…it’s deadly serious, that is fact! the belief that Vaccinations are dangerous are myth at best!

I’m going of the topic a bit, I apologize…just find it funny how people scare monger and so many people fall for it…We  all moan and complain regardless anyway…it’s what humans do, never satisfied! I know some good comes out of Autism Awareness Month….don’t believe everything you read online and it’s true that not EVERYONE is fully aware if what Autism is….but we’re doing so much better than say the ’80’s’ and ’90’s’ when I was diagnosed, no one had a god damn clue what Autism or Aspergers as they all referred it to was…it was a mystery and no one knew what to do with me, I was just the little weirdo of the class who didn’t know what it was either….how am I supposed to understand if no one else does….it was compassion that helped me understand, not sympathy but to just be treat like a human being….by people who didn’t care that I had Autism because it doesn’t define who I am.

I never made a huge fuss about it, demanding special treatment, I just wanted to be like everyone else and a group of people let me do that…getting out of school was the best thing for me because you can do what you want at College…I wasn’t tied down with some helper or teacher who didn’t know what I had, I was able to figure everything out around a good group of people who are still my friends today, one of them was my best man at my wedding!

That’s my story though, my journey…everyone will have a different story but when I look over to say America and I see half the stuff I see online about Autism…I often say ‘What are they smoking over there…are they all crazy?’ and the online debates and fights amongst each other over vaccinations, the colour blue and anything negative is soul crushing because it’s stupid! Very stupid in fact…not once have I argued with anyone over Autism in real life like that…yet online you see people get banned from groups, day long arguments with threats over the smallest of things…especially in April over a colour! WEAR BLUE IF YOU WANT!


We get wound up on someone else’s opinion’s daily and when brought up…you get ‘Welcome to the internet’ like I’m stupid or something…if you accept that…that’s up to you because everyone argues from the safety of their computers! I would say we need more understanding than awareness but Autism Understanding Month doesn’t sound as good.

Make of Autism what you will, it’s not going anywhere anytime soon…Happy Autism Awareness Month.

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