It was around 5am in the morning when the alarm went off and we slowly awoke to prepare for a very long day ahead, our time in Japan was almost at an end and it was time to head to the airport for our long flight back to Britain. It was a weird feeling, knowing that this day had come because it felt so far away when we touched down in Japan but time seemed to have flown by us, faster than we actually would have like it to. It meant that we had really enjoyed ourselves over here and…we didn’t want to leave, Japan was great and it was a little disheartening to have to leave it…not knowing if you would ever return someday.

We had already packed our suitcases after we returned from Hiroshima and had gone to sleep very early in the evening, I would ahve liked to wander about Kyoto one last time but I knew that the flight back was a very long one and I can never fall asleep on a plane…too noisy! In the two weeks we had been in Japan, we had been able to get about and see all of these places.

  • Tokyo
  • Kyoto
  • Osaka
  • Nara
  • Himeji
  • Hiroshima

I did cry…slightly because Japan had been everything I hoped it would be and more, I had loved every moment of my time here….not one complaint, it had all been beautiful, fun and enlightening…life over here is amazing! It felt hard to accept that I had to board a plane in a few hours and go home….I missed home as well, it’s where I live and where my life is but I was happy that Japan had been able to give me 2 wonderful weeks that will live in my mind forever more and I hope that I can return to the Land Of The Rising Sun someday!

We were picked up by a taxi and we picked up a few more passengers around Kyoto and headed out to the airport…hoping the trip would take as long as possible…I didn’t want to rush back home, I wanted to make every second that I had left in Japan worth it. So much so that when I got past the check in and my case was light enough to travel….somehow, I bought a giant Pikachu in one of the shops! It was massive and I carried it all the way home! It was awesome and the last merchandise I purchased in Japan! We waited for our flight…unsure how we should feel….we enjoyed our time and had cherished memories…we were just sad that we didn’t have time to make any more.

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