It’s a rather lovely sunny day in Yorkshire today as the midges make an unwelcome return…jogging is going to be so much fun with them around! It’s that time of year to think about where we go for our holiday…Japan was a great one and recently, all we have done is go abroad but this time we stay a bit closer to home…well, one day it might be like going abroad if it gets Independence but as of right now, it remains part of Britain…I’m talking of course about our neighbours up north, Scotland.

Our next big adventure is going to be in Scotland this year! I’ve never been to Scotland before but I can’t wait to explore the city of Edinburgh and possibly further afield as well! Only going for a week so it depends whether we can do this or not but if not, Edinburgh looks like it’s going to be an amazing place to explore!


Falkirk…Glasgow…Aberdeen…Highlands…Stirling, I hope to get to one of these places as well as the capital! It’d be great to see a bit of Scottish countryside as well as some historical sites…Scotland has a ton of them so that’s good for me! Edinburgh Castle is a must for me and my wife loves anything to do with Mary, Queen of Scots so I imagine we’ll be looking for anything to do with her as well.


Would love any tips or places to visit in Edinburgh or anywhere nearby the city that’s worth going to to look about…I mean best to go now before we might need a passport to go there someday! Not that would hinder a trip or anything…just wonder how that would work if you travel to Scotland from England by train.

Can’t wait to explore, take photos and explore a brand new country….always been interested in Scotland and it’s history and after going to Japan, it’s good to go somewhere not so far away this time!



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