You have to love a glorious sunny weekend! On a day like this, I can’t just stay indoors…I needed to go for a run this morning so at 9am I set out of Skipton and turned down Keighley Road towards the Leeds-Liverpool Canal, which I would run along towards the next little village a mile or so away, overall it was a 3-4 mile run but on a day like this, I could have done a 10 mile run at least but not wanting to overdo like I normally do, a short run would suffice.


The canal path was what I expected it to be, full of bikers, dog walkers and other joggers…well it is the right weather for it! The path has been done up recently so it’s easier to move across, compared to when it was rocky and you could easily trip and even fall into the canal because of it, this path was smoother which was great if you want to go for a good run.

I saw plenty of wildlife on my adventure but one that took my interest at the very start was a pair of noisy swans, the one bellow in particular, was surprised I could get so close to it really, it didn’t budge an inch but it did stare at me so I moved on my way before it’s friend arrived and it went for a swim.



It takes a little bit to make your way out of the market town and to reach the outskirts but if you need to know how far you are from Liverpool, we have you covered!



Just before Skipton is out of your sight, you come across a boat bridge which I think is pretty cool as we have quite a few in this area. The only way it moves is when someone on the oncoming boat disembarks, heads to the bridge and turns it themselves, via the use of a handle. As I past this particular bridge, a boat was approaching but it was taking it’s sweet time so I continued on.

17634879_10155351080326019_6620450851308291503_n.jpg 17861564_10155351080166019_2111289784953462253_n.jpg

A bit further down, you come across a low bridge next to a small canal shop with a small path going through it. It’s never a good idea to run through this…just in case a walker, runner or a biker is coming the other way….a collision would be dangerous so I always slowly walk through this bit, better to be safe then sorry.


After this part, I decided to leave the canal for now and head on a small back road towards my destination, the reason for this was that it was more uphill, therefore more of a challenge….that and the path was quite busy with bikers so I thought the road would be more quiet. I turn off and end up standing next to a small pub…if I had fancied a quick drink, that would have been a great place to get one…better than the McDonald’s across the street!


I start to head up the hill, across a bridge overlooking the canal and make the long climb towards the top, knowing that I was going to have a good shot or two of the hills in the distance.

17800326_10155351079801019_3169069941208139304_n.jpg The hills is not the biggest that I’ve jogged up before but on a hot day, it was a bit tricky, especially when the small road had two cars approaching from other directions, meaning I had to step aside so they could pass by. After five minutes, I was already at the top and I had this sight to greet me, I just wish I had a better camera to take some pictures with.

As I thought, I did indeed pass a couple of farms and by chance, I was able to see some baby lambs having a play in the field, I just love this time of year when new life is brought into the world, especially lambs and ducklings.


I didn’t want to keep crossing the busy road to try and get a better shot so I continued towards the downside of the hill, I was almost at my destination now. I love the countryside up here, for miles upon miles you can have nothing but lush hillsides, all full of life and the sunshine just brings out the best in them. Having lived in Yorkshire for 26 years, I can easily say that I never tire of them, come rain or shine, they are beautiful!



Going down the hill, I see the little village nestled in the hills. It’s a nice peaceful place…I didn’t hear a peep out of it as I passed by. I can imagine someone who wants a bit of peace or quiet coming here…although you’d likely need a car to do that as not much regarding purchasing food or such is here so you’d need to go to nearby places like Skipton or Keighley.

It didn’t take long to pass through Bradley and rejoin with the canal once more, ready to head back to Skipton. I could have continued on towards Cononley, Kildwick or Crosshills but that will be for another day in the summer time hopefully. The place might be small but they look great, little gems found in the hills all over here.

Turning around, I jog along the canal back towards Skipton but before I go, I’ll show you one more picture that I caught just before arriving back into Skipton and like the lambs, they sum up for me what Spring is all about, life.


Have a lovely day!

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