This is not being a sore loser, congratulations to Crystal Palace who I think should be safe now! This is a call from a fan who can see that Arsenal are not going to overcome this obstacle and challenge for the Premier League, Champions League or any Cup any time soon

I am willing to give Arsene Wenger ONE more season though! That might annoy some fans who want him out right now but hear me out

Next season, we will either have Europa League football or no European Competition at all, it’ll be a new kind of season for Arsenal, one that we might possibly benefit from and one that could save Arsene Wenger’s legacy in my opinion. A season fully focused on the Premier League is a chance for Wenger to at least finish on a somewhat high…a trophy is a nice way for him to go…not chased out by fans…it just doesn’t feel right but I think we are at a time where Wenger needs to step down and possibly manage elsewhere or retire because this has been going on for FAR to long now!

  • Poor Summer Transfer Window
  • Decent Start
  • Injuries
  • Near Top 4 by Christmas
  • Very Poor Winter Transfer Window
  • Injuries
  • Bad Spell
  • Strong Finish in Top 4
  • Repeat

That’s the normal formula Arsenal have been going by for so many years now…it’s to predictable yet this year, the cycle gets broken and we find ourselves in unfamiliar waters, because our board is weak, our manager is out of ideas and most of our players are cowards who clearly aren’t playing for Wenger anymore, don’t believe me? Watch any match after Arsenal got thrashed by Bayern Munich in the UCL and see what I mean! Our team lacks passion…it’s more like a business in 2017 and it’s a sad moment! Very rarely do I see Wenger barking orders to his players…no, he sits on the bench looking cross for 90 minutes…like a man who appears to have given up…not the Wenger of 2002 or 2004 who changed the game, this man looks like a grumpy senior who can’t understand why the youth of today is getting so angry at him every week!

I love Wenger for what he has done but people can’t guilt trip fans into giving him ‘respect’ when every other club would have sacked him by now…you tell me ONE other club on this planet that is expected to finish near the top that would have kept Wenger this long? Manchester clubs, Chelsea, Liverpool and Spurs have revolving doors at their clubs…Arsenal’s door is jammed and in desperate need of repair.

I want him to go but with dignity, he does deserve that much at least but he has to admit that his time is nearly at an end…how much longer can he realistically keep going but not change any of his policies? Well with the board Arsenal has…years apparently, they don’t care at all, not as long as they keep making a profit! Like I said, Arsenal is a business and fans can’t complain all they want, they are funding this club by buying season tickets and merchandise year in and year out…you want Kroneke out? Arsenal is a business right? Well, how do you think they make money? Season tickets, shirt sales etc Don’t buy Season Tickets or the newest shirts and see what happens…if they lose profit, they might sell up in a few years but why would they if it’s making money…no point not turning up to a few matches when you’ve already paid for the seat! They make money because season tickets are extortionate yet the Emirates looks mostly full every season…that’s a lot of money!

Don’t moan about how unfair it all is when you put money in Kroenke’s pocket!  I see fans who want Wenger out right now, fighting amongst one another, distracting the team every match…you try playing with fans shouting your not good enough for the shirt! Would you want to? They have no been putting in as much of an effort and I put that blame on Ozil’s and Sanchez’s door because their attitude of not winning the league and refusing to sign contracts has spread a bad attitude amongst the dressing room, all of this started around the time their contracts first came up as a discussion…no one is bigger than the club, Not Ozil, not Sanchez and not Wenger!

Fans have to make a sacrifice if they want to have Arsenal change…why else should they listen…because a few fans get mad and rant on YouTube when they lose? They don’t care…clearly, they don’t care or something would have changed a while ago…why else are they giving Wenger the chance to decide if he wants to stay or not? Isn’t that Kroneke, Gazidis or Keswick’s job?

Here are a couple of changes needed.


Style of Play

I can’t be the only one bothered by our pass it into the box and shoot close range tactic that Arsenal seem to always do, right? So many times I find myself shouting at my Television for a player to shoot the ball at a good moment, instead they pass it around, eventually losing it to the opposition! Happens all the time and before says that Arsenal has most of the possession…what good does that do if you can’t score goals? The team that has the ball the most doesn’t win a match!

A Clearout 

Many players need to go and this might not be a popular opinion but that includes Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil…they clearly have no interest in being at the club anymore so why keep them? If anything, their contract debacle is partly to blame for all of this anyway, why let them hold us to ransom…if you love the club, you don’t keep throwing your toys out of the pram because your not winning the big matches. Personally, I’m fed up of seeing Sanchez looking angry whenever we lose…is that meant to show your passion towards the club? His performances have dipped a lot this season and I think we should let him go to PSG. NOT TO MAN CITY OR CHELSEA! As for Ozil…either he gets his act together or he can go as well, preferably abroad as well…I’m fed up of selling key players to Big clubs in the same league! You’ll never see Aguero being sold to Chelsea or Hazard to Manchester United yet Sanchez going to either club is a realistic possibility!

These players also need to go

  • Xhaka
  • Coquelin
  • Elneny
  • Ramsey
  • Debuchy
  • Gabriel
  • Sanogo
  • Monreal

I would keep Welbeck, Chamberlain, Wilshere, Walcott, Giroud and Perez definitely, buy a couple of decent defenders, a good striker and most importantly, LEADERS!  players who can lead the squad, inspire and demand respect and 110% every game!

Overall, Arsenal are a MESS right now and this will not be sorted over night or by next season…it’s an issue that will realistically take a few years to clear out and that’s only after either Kroneke’s sells up or Wenger steps down…a change has to happen somewhere or Arsenal won’t likely be where they want to be.

Something needs to change…someone needs to be brave and make an announcement! I’m sick of the board hiding away like cowards, I have no respect for them, not that they care! I don’t care that they don’t care…they know nothing about football and it’s laughable.

Finally though…Congratulations to Spurs, they finally did it and you know what, they deserve it this year, they have a great squad with leaders and a fantastic manager! It was always going to happen someday and I have no shame admitting that they are better then us, this year at least and more than likely for the next couple of years at least.

Let’s just end this season already…the worse I’ve seen as an Arsenal fan but they happen to everyone at some point, I just hope we come out of this someday stronger…reunited and a football club once more, not a business!

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