What to make of it? I like it personally…nothing bad to really say about it as it’s all about making Autism more aware to the populations of the world which to be honest, is a lot better now than it was in the 90’s when I was going through being recognized and understood for what I have but I love this move by Sesame Street…even though so many others don’t like it for it does not cover all aspects of Autism…..NEWSFLASH is that even possible for a children’s cartoon? Not really…I doubt that would be allowed on a show like Sesame Street, more like a documentary that explains Autism in full detail but for a children’s show, Julia is a great representative to explain to children just what Autism is.

Just look at this clip of Julia from Sesame Street’s YouTube page and tell me why this is or isn’t your cup of tea because to be honest, they will never please everyone but they could have done nothing, rather than what we have been given and for someone who had no form of representation in the media about Autism, I would be thrilled if I were younger that Julia was on TV

Whether you like Julia or not, the point is something is being done to attempt to make Autism more aware and Sesame Street is a great program to be doing this, I like the idea and can’t see an issue with it. Does it annoy me that not every aspect of Autism is covered by Sesame Street? No…why would it…it’s like covering the basics but don’t you remember how many lessons that Sesame Street taught you when you were a child? Autism is nothing to be afraid of, that appears to be the message….despite Julia’s different ways of doing things and how she reacts to certain situations, the people around her treat her with respect and it becomes understanding…one step at a time I say! Autism Awareness will not happen overnight, it will take time but this is a step in the right direction!

Welcome Julia.


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