It’ll be exciting to go across the Northern border from England to Scotland next month, I just hope the weather in Edinburgh is decent, not raining all week…it doesn’t always rain in Scotland, just like it doesn’t always rain in Yorkshire. we have never been to Scotland before, then again we’ve never been to Ireland or Wales either…we tend to go abroad more than the British Isles, they just seemed to have so much more to offer when America, Japan, Europe etc are all out there but we’ve been to a lot of places abroad now

  • France
  • Canary Islands
  • Italy
  • Holland
  • Belgium
  • America
  • Japan

Maybe it’s time we stay about home for a bit and explore a bit more of the island that we live on…because that’s what Britain is…an island…a small one as well, you think I didn’t notice that? Yet I haven’t seen a ton of it, minus London, Lincolnshire and East Anglia…I’ve never seen the South West, Cornwall, South East etc A whole half of the island still left undiscovered by me! It makes me glad that I have so much exploring left to do though, wouldn’t be fun if you ran out of places to go to!

I’ve always wondered what it would be like as an Englishman to go into Scotland…you know…because of the rivalry and history between both countries, you often wonder if you’ll be ok going there and such but it always hits me that many people from England and Wales must go up there daily for business, family or a holiday. You can get to Scotland from the North via the West Coast or East Coat train lines easily so many people go up across the border so I shouldn’t think about it so much.

I want to have a good time in Scotland, not worry about being heckled for where I come from but it’s probably all just in my head but alas…you just can’t ignore the history even though that’s what it is…history! It’s all in the past etc It’s not like I’ve had a Scotsman come up to me and go ”Bannockburn…in your face!” Or I’ve gone up to one and gone ”Culloden” to me, that’s just immature but again…I’m probably worrying over nothing…I want to go and explore Edinburgh and have a good time trying Scottish things…might even give a bit of Haggis a go…If I’m brave enough…not a fan of whisky though but I like Kippers and I like listening to Bagpipes.

The history is amazing as well! Edinburgh Castle will be a must as well as anything to do with Mary Queen of Scots or the Stuarts and theĀ constant history with the noisy neighbours England! It’ll all be fun and an amazing experience…our first holiday since Japan and we are looking forward to it

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