We went to Italy for a relaxing 2 weeks and we imagined visions of the canals of Venice, the hustle of the might of Rome and the delicious smell of Pizza and Pasta…you know…the stereotype stuff that you hear linked to a country but as we found out during our stay, this place has so much more to it. We were to stay at the cliff town resort of Sorrento, based near Naples and it’s a place that is so easy to fall in love with.


We flew from Manchester to Naples and took a bus the rest of the way to Sorrento but during our journey, our bus was heavily delayed due to a mix up with luggage at the airport, meaning that it was dark by the time we settled into our hotel and what a hill we had to climb to get here! So many narrow twists and turns, a countryside feel to it all! When we finally arrived at our hotel, dinner had sadly finished but the kind people at the  Art Hotel Gran Paradiso left us a cold meat platter in each of our rooms which I thought was a really nice gesture.


The next morning, we felt the heat of the Italian sun and the cockerel of the hen pen that was actually next door to our hotel, which made us laugh, it was down a narrow alleyway that you could use to go towards the pool, not that we ever did but we never needed an alarm clock when the local rooster would wake you up every morning!


We saw the daylight and the lovely view of Sorrento from the hillside which was lovely…the hills around here are gorgeous and stretch on for an eternity. We boarded the hotel bus which had seats that didn’t stay still and headed into the town for the first time, Just make sure you know the bus times or if your out late, you’ll either pay a lot of money for a taxi or you’ll walk up the big big hill back to the hotel and with the traffic and the way people drive in Sorrento, I wouldn’t recommend it.


This place is swarmed by one thing, it is impossible to visit Sorrento and not see someone riding a scooter at high speeds, darting between two buses! The hustle and bustle of this quaint place is so relaxing and mixed in with the perfect weather and scenery, especially the Bay of Naples that is a treat from the top of nearby volcano Mt Vesuvius (which I couldn’t wait to climb), you leave with a sight that is impossible to ever forget…words cannot describe the beauty of the ocean, the cliffs and life in this part of the world.

random 008

We had plans to visit the legendary Pompeii as well as Herculaneum during our time here as well as going all the way to the ancient city that once ruled most of the known world with an iron fist, Rome! This place has Nutella jars the size of your head!

10422954_10152726762726019_5849219597773514433_n (1)

I discovered that the sunset over the Bay was stunning, just look at that! Living in a place like this would be so soothing, peaceful…if you can get past all the tourists that is! Yet after a great day of food, drink and activity…this breathtaking view from the hill our hotel completed it all!


We couldn’t wait for two whole weeks in this slice of heaven! A place that has majestic views, amazing weather and so much to do…I just wish that we could have gotten to Capri but next time we go to Italy, we are so going there! So much art in this city that many of it’s fine shops selled and the restaurants were fantastic, so much fresh seafood, the tastiest of fresh pasta dishes and the best pizza I’ve ever had was in Sorrento (Minus Stuffed Crust) Needless to say, Italy is a beautiful country but Sorrento has to be a jewel in it’s crown!



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