Hello everyone, today I talk about an issue that I for one don’t understand how this ever happens at all and I want to discuss it a little bit today, especially since it’s still Autism Awareness Month! Being Accused of ‘Faking’ Autism, Why does it happen?

Autism circular concept with colors and star

Has anyone ever accused you of not really having Autism? That you are faking it for something like sympathy or attention? Yes or no, It does happen, quite a bit actually…you type in Being Accused of Faking Autism and you find many topics discussing it so it does happen in general daily life. Is it because Autism isn’t something that you can physically see? It is invisible so perhaps that’s why many people don’t think ‘Autism’ is a real thing. Another reason is what many interpret Autism as being, for example many people believe that people who are Autistic don’t have many to no friends and are terrible at social interaction in any shape or form.


I myself have been accused of faking Autism by someone else on the spectrum! The reason being was I had friends and a wife so I obviously couldn’t have Autism…apparently. It annoyed me a little because no matter what I said, he was having none of it, I even had people stand up for me in the discussion but he shot them down as well, it was sad because some people do think like this, people with Autism can’t have friends otherwise they don’t have it??? Can’t wrap my head around that one. No where does it specify that it’s impossible for anyone on the spectrum to make friends, get a job, get married etc just that it’s a bit of a struggle to do so.

The stereotype of having Autism is generally seen as having no friends, preferring your own company and that your very good with computers and mathematics!  Or if anyone wants to understand what Autism is, just watch Rain man! Apparently, Autism is the same with everyone who has it so if you know someone who has it and they have 0 friends, no job or love life to speak of, than no one obviously does on the spectrum, right? NOPE! It affects us all in many different ways so being accused of not having Autism by someone else on the spectrum means nothing to me, it just means that it affects us both in different ways and I feel that I have been a bit more fortunate in how things have turned out for me then he has been.

That begs the question from me at least as to why would you fake having Autism in the first place anyway? I don’t know about you but it’s not exactly something I would want to pretend to have, not at all! From my experience, having Autism isn’t exactly…fun…especially the way others perceive it, so many opportunities I feel were taken away from me in my childhood because of it, having everyone around me fail to understand what Autism really was and it affected me in a bad way! No matter how much I tried, I felt mocked and shunned by most people around me and I hated every moment of being a teenager,  a time I never want to relieve! it was a challenge every single day and at times, I didn’t think adulthood would be any better!

Sometimes though, I wonder if I would have done as well as I have if I hadn’t the motivation to prove so many people wrong because of what I have, I don’t know the answer to that but as far as I am concerned, others viewed my Autism as a giant barrier towards doing anything meaningful in this world.

Making Autism more aware and understood by all is essential because it’s so confusing at this point in time as many people just think it’s one thing where its far more then that! It doesn’t take much to confuse people, let’s face it and with this in mind, it’s no wonder some people might think that someone is faking when their Autism doesn’t match what they think they knew about it or maybe some people just can’t see someone with Autism having friends or a job. It affects everyone differently where so will have success and have a social life and some will not have had this, it’s just accepting that both of these scenarios can happen and not just one that is the problem.

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  1. Surprisingly ( but after more than a decade participating and moderating forums, I’m not really surprised anymore) there are people who fake having autism.

    The same way some people fake pregnancies, having cancer, being paralysed, the list goes on.

    It’s either something akin to Munchausen syndrome, or malingering depending on individual stories.

    Humanity keeps baffling me…

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