You know what grinds my grinder?


This is a weird one because in truth, we are all customers at some point, whether it be for food, electronics or any other service needed but for now, I’ll focus mainly on customers who go into general stores like supermarkets! We’ve all been inside a supermarket of some kind all year round, whether it’s for a quick shop, the weekly shop, the Christmas shop etc but how often have you been inside a store and seen something like this.

Now before I get into this, it’s only a small handful of customers that do this, most people are understanding and generally good people but if you have gone your entire life without seeing at least one customer outburst, than I  really applaud you!

or this (But what an asshole!)


Just a couple of examples! A customer is yelling at an employee for some reason and generally, you might not know how to react, you might ignore the incident or you might stand and watch events unfold but when did a store become a venomous place where we can see the worst that humanity has to offer? The amount of people that act like spoilt little brats over the smallest of things is actually laughable in my opinion. I say that as a customer waiting in line and it’s not moving because a customer being served is shouting at the young cashier because his voucher is not being accepted as it is expired but for some reason, that’s the cashier’s fault?

How about when the cashier is following the law and I.Ding someone they believe to be underage for say alcohol or a DVD and the customer gets mad at them for it, sure I can understand it being a frustrating situation but it just makes me laugh how much a person can put a bottle of Vodka over composure but of course, some people just don’t care…we don’t always know how a person’s life is outside of a shop but the fact that we all seem to bring a bad event into places like these make them so unwelcoming and annoying to go to.

What annoys me is that no matter what the issue is, it’s ALWAYS the Cashier’s fault…because of this stupid quote

‘The customer is always right’

Whoever said that should have been punched in the face! Many people take this WAY to seriously! I have heard of some customers going into a store to purposely cause an issue so they can get free food or money by pretending that they’ve been overcharged or that the cashier didn’t give them one of their items etc As a customer, you must treat me like a God! No matter the situation, the customer is apparently never at fault but even so…why should it be the Cashier’s fault? You realise that they scan items, pack bags and that’s it…other information is from higher up like a supervisor or store manager and I say this because I remember a customer in front of me badger a young cashier about a sale on crisps but they didn’t know when it expired, the information was on the aisle but they didn’t spot it…so they shouted and called her a ‘retard’ I apologize if that offended anyone but it was out of order, over something so small!


It’s not often stuff like this happens but when I do see an incident in a shop, it always makes me roll my eyes…like queuing up at a till…when it’s busy, chances are you’ll have to wait in a queue but so many people are easy to get frustrated by this and get angry…I understand people have things to do but if you were so busy with stuff then why didn’t you just do your shopping later? No reason to make someone else’s job harder because they are trying to reduce queues enough of it is! I’ve seen people abandon trolleys and baskets and walk out of the stores because of this…one person I saw on Boxing Day say about seven years ago threw her basket onto the floor and left the shop yelling!

Is it right that we can act this way in such a place that we go to for the things that we need to live, Food and Drink? Sure sometimes stores don’t always have what we want, offers expire without notice and things are getting more expensive but do we ever really have an excuse to act the way that so many do? Going to a store where people work to earn a living does NOT entitle us to act in such a manner…s*** happens, GET OVER IT YOU BABY! I have had incidents where I’ve had a voucher not accepted or I couldn’t get an item for a certain reason but I never threw a tantrum over it…it’s hard to see how so many people find it so easy to lose a temper and ruin someone’s day….just why?

It’s something about a store that brings the worst out of us as people…we see a giant store with various items and of course sales and we go crazy about it…money is an important factor here, otherwise sales would mean nothing! whenever a big sale is on, I notice more people in my local supermarket than a normal day…like A deal on wine or Easter Eggs…a lot more people turn up and another factor is reduced items…a known fact is in the evening, most shops reduce certain items and it’s known to attract quite the crowd but sometimes…things can get nasty and sometimes, even funny!

Are supermarkets actually circuses because my goodness…you sometimes see quite a show! I mean look at this wrestling match for reduced items!

I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t act that desperate and wrestle someone for a reduced prime rib! When was it acceptable for us to fight overs for food in a store…I mean I thought we left that all behind in the Stone Age! I know that events like this don’t happen often and this isn’t a big deal but it’s noticeable…we see videos appear online regularly from mostly America but other places as well I mean that brings me to the WORST thing about stores ever!


An event purposely made to drive customers insane and every November, many of us are bitten by the bug….people can queue up for days before this s***fest of an event and mostly in America but it has happened before in the UK as well, people go ballistic and many people have gotten seriously hurt in the stampedes and fights over sales! Watch this video done by the Richest on YouTube for the worst 10 Black Friday Disasters and ponder at what humanity is really like…that evolution theory looks more real every year that passes!

People can get mad over an expired voucher or expensive shopping but lets not forget ourselves as people, we aren’t animals that fight over scraps…I know times are tough for many of us but we should never go out of the way to ruin someone else’s day because of it…especially on Black Friday And with that done, Customers really grind my grinder!

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