Anyone else getting a little bit bored of how WWE Raw is using Bayley? I know that I am and don’t get me wrong, I like Bayley…great wrestler but so boring on the microphone…just goes on and on about how this is her dream…kinda kicking a dead horse with that one nowadays, just shut up and fight someone already! Even though your finisher sucks!

Bayley is the Raw Women’s Champion! She’s at the top of the mountain so why on earth could I not give a damn about her at all? To me, Bayley is very dull, lackluster and uninteresting whatsoever…I mean the responses she gets are much quieter than they were when she finally debuted last year. The only saving grace at the moment is that Byron Saxton can’t obsess over Bayley’s Wacky Inflatable Bayley Buddies all the time!

Her character is the girl who overcomes the odds and is the sweet, shy and lovable type who fans are supposed to be able to relate to week in and out but it’s a bit hard to relate to someone who can put you to sleep nearly as fast as a Dana Brooke botch! Her promos are lackluster and you can hear in her voice that she’s shy but it just doesn’t make good TV because it never changes…she loves everyone and this is her dream….imagine hearing Finn Balor or Seth Rollins saying that…not everyone needs mic time, just have Bayley fight and talk less! I don’t watch WWE for sunshine and rainbows, I watch it for great matches and storylines that will live on forever….I mean when Kane debuted in 1997 and destroyed his brother….I never would have accepted him ever talking about how it’s his dream to be in the WWE, set a casket on fire…wrestle a good match or two, make it memorable….that’s what he and Undertaker did….hell, Trish Stratus and Lita’s matches haven’t been topped by any other Female wrestler since! Charlotte vs Sasha was not as good because it was rushed and predictable….that and fans are soft and easy to amuse in 2016 because a majority aren’t 10 yet!

This whole storyline with Sasha Banks is going nowhere…I know that it will likely have a Sasha heel turn down the line but at this rate, I won’t care because the build up to it is so dull and uninspiring…WWE failed to pull the trigger at the right time…Wrestlemania 33 was the perfect time for Sasha to attack Bayley and start a rivalry worth being no WWE TV! Instead, what do we have….A stale Bayley facing a red hot Alexa Bliss and Sasha Banks is dull and so boring now! That’s what you get for having 3 Tittle reigns where none of them lasted more than 2 weeks! All against Charlotte mind you!  The point here is that WWE has kind of made it obvious that Bayley can’t do anything for herself and that includes winning the championship in the first place! Sasha is normally around to help her out which has ruined a lot of matches that didn’t need it in the first place but now, we have Sasha and Bayley acting like best buddies which makes you want to get a sick bucket out because we all know it’s all going to change soon!

Will we have a pop when the heel turn happens? More than likely but how long will it last before we all get bored again with how Raw handles it’s Women’s Division? A month…maybe

  • Bayley
  • Sasha Banks
  • Alexa Bliss
  • Nia Jax
  • Alicia Fox
  • Dana Brooke
  • Emma


The top 4 on that list will fight for the belt over the next year but we’ve seen Bayley and Nia Jax alot and if you’ve seen NXT you’ve seen Sasha Banks vs Bayley…it won’t be as good….it just won’t, this isn’t the same Bayley or Sasha anymore, they’ve been told to be this way by Vince who doesn’t like Sasha anyway so you know that this feud will be good for a few weeks before fans chant ‘boring’ and such…it’s going to happen…this is Raw we are talking about….since when do they follow through with rivalries that we want like they used to?

They’ll have about 4 to 5 matches and we’ll all start saying ‘we’ve seen it before….it’s Sasha vs Charlotte all over again and it won’t go anywhere special, it’ll only show that WWE has no faith in letting Sasha Banks winning a big feud and that Bayley won’t be at the level of popularity that she once was at in NXT because she’ll likely be fed to Asuka once she makes the roster jump..either that or Nia Jax will get a run with the belt.

Bayley is stale and it’s hard to watch her matches to the end nowadays…any Women’s match actually…only exceptions are Alexa Bliss and Nia Jax but Sasha and Bayley…sorry Internet Darlings but they are so dull and just do the same thing week in and week in…all hype but when it comes to being on the main roster…they are no different to anyone else in the past…you could have Layla or Cameron back on the show…wouldn’t be any different because that’s how Vince views them which just goes to show that the Women’s Revolution on Monday Night Raw is a big laugh…the hype has worn off and we are back to where we were before all of this started…stale matches and boring story lines that go nowhere except out of our minds after a few weeks.

I want Bayley to succeed and stand at the top of the Raw Women’s Division but not the way she is…I want Sasha to bring the best out of her…this helpless Bayley is so horrible to see on my TV…I know her character is the nice girl who wouldn’t harm a fly but don’t overdo it this much, she can get mad sometimes….everyone does….but then again, she’s just…Bayley….just make Bayley a star already and I mean a star that we can be proud to cheer for…I just don’t hear that when she comes out anymore and it’s a shame…


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