Akihabara – I’ll Just get this one done first….This place was like heaven for me and before you say anything, yes I watch Anime and I read Manga, not obsessively of course but it has always had an important role in my life…even in childhood when Cardcaptors and Pokemon were regular after school shows!  I spend so much Yen in this place playing arcade games, buying SO much merchandise and even went to a Maid Cafe!


It’s like a giant funfair where you can go crazy and spend all day seeing wondrous things, putting coin after coin into a claw machine…eating ice cream sundaes with cornflakes i them and have a maid force you to meow like a cat…at least I think that’s what she made me do!

I chose Akihabara simply because I have longed to come to this place at least once and spend years wondering what I would actually be like to see what so many others have before me, to see what one of it’s arcades are like and what is a Maid Cafe actually like in real life…the answer is…a bit of silly fun that could be considered a tad pricey but nothing outrageous or obscene…if you have a sense of humor but if you were a stick in the mud, I can’t imagine why you would ever want to go to this place anyway…unless you want a new laptop or something!

Food- One thing that I was concerned about before coming to Japan was it’s food and that was because I am a bit of a picky eater but considering that I put on half a stone during my time here, I think it’s fair to say that I enjoyed myself quite a bit!

Japan has such an interesting wide range of food, stuff that I couldn’t help myself trying and loving! Melon Bread was awesome, the curries were flavorful and it had the best sushi I’ve ever had at least in Osaka! Chopsticks were a concern at first but I did [practice at certain places in England before going and I was able to get the hang of it in the end which to be honest was a lot of fun!

The food in Japan is tasty, nourishing and interesting…I’ve never scoured stores just to find a certain item before anywhere else before…I mean where else sells Horse flavored Ice Cream or Pancake flavored drinks…sounds weird but it’s normal over here….Japan doesn’t what you consider weird, they just say ‘screw it’ we’ll give it a go and it’s just so cool because they have so many Kit Kat flavors, it’s ridiculous!  If you ever come here, go out of your way to try it’s many delicacies…you will not regret it! You’ll never want to go to Yo! Sushi again after eating a plate of Sushi here!

Tokyo-  I was going to choose Kyoto as my favourite place that I visited in Japan but I realised that I spent most of that week going out of the city to Osaka, Nara, Himeji and Hiroshima and that I spent an entire week in Tokyo so naturally, I had to chose this place!

This concrete jungle was my first look at Japanese life and I saw it as a giant playground, exploring something new every single day as I tried to master something like public transport and getting through the bustling streets! the scenery and the life of this place was beautiful!

I only wish I had more time to explore other districts of this wonderful place, got to a bath house, try karaoke etc Yet I saw a lot of this city and I put it alongside London and Paris for places with so much to do but not enough time to do it all in the time you have!

Culture- I love how Japan cherishes it’s past and present, all at the same time! All of the temples I saw constantly made me smile as it shows how proud they are of their heritage! Something I don’t always see back home. The culture of Japan was fascinating and what I saw during my 2 weeks over here was that the past can still be relevant and that it can walk side by side with the present, it does not always have to be left far behind for the future to dominate for where would we be without our past?


The People- The one thing that linked all of the other choices above is this one, the Japanese people themselves who I must say are the friendliest I’ve seen before, I can’t say a single negative thing about anyone that we met or spoke with during our time here and at first, I was worried about the whole Gaijin thing because we were from another country but I was silly to think like that, I was made to feel welcome and it made the trip so much more fun! A lady even gave me and my wife some sweets as we waited in a queue in Disney Land…we didn’t ask or anything, she just asked if we wanted some…don’t think that happens often over here, very trusting even though we were strangers to her!


I loved Japan and I miss it so much! My favorite country that I have ever visited so far and I hope to go back one day…to see it once more! If a country can make you not want to leave it at the end of your time visiting it…then you know it’s a fantastic place and I wish that I could go back right now, if I am ever given a chance to return to the Land Of The Rising Sun, I’ll gladly take it with both hands and get on the first plane that I can


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