Hi, today I want to talk about Autism and a habit that is often associated with anyone who has it and that is that we tend to have obsessions that can often be at the center of our universe from time to time and I thought I would share one of mine with you, because why on earth not everyone?

One of my obsessions are Steam Trains! I’ve been watching them my entire life and I can thank my Father for that because he used to take me to see them regularly on the railway line that runs in our area, the Settle and Carlisle and I don’t see myself stopping anytime soon!

I video them when they come by so I can watch them again and again but I occasionally take pictures as well and sometimes, It’s nice to see many others doing it as well, in fact I see tons of people coming out to see the trains come through the train station, especially when this one comes through

Flying Scotsman.png
The Flying Scotsman!

Why? I just like them…they make me happy and I like to go out of my way to get to certain locations, just so I can see trains come by, it’s a fun activity for me that also helps me see more of the countryside in the area which I really enjoy. It also helps me connect with my Father in sharing this hobby together, which makes me happy, I always enjoy going somewhere with him and videoing and taking pictures of the latest train coming through.

I remember once sticking my head out of a window as we pulled into a train station once and I was facing a steam train on the other track and it’s whistle screamed into my eardrums and I remember crying because of it, the pain that went right through me was overwhelming and I couldn’t handle it, after that I was scared of train whistles and in some ways, I’m not always confident if I think a train will whistle near me.

Everyone has a certain hobby that they love to do and I have many other hobbies as well but as far as I can remember…this is my oldest one, I have seen these trains steam up and down since I was a small child when I was terrified by the whistles! The loud noise really scared me and made me jump every single time and sometimes now, it still can do that and it was these train whistles that might have first put the idea in people’s heads that I had something unseen to the eye which would eventually be diagnosed as Autism many years later

I like trains, don’t really care if that makes me a nerd or not, I’d rather be happy with something I like to do, rather than be self conscious because someone else doesn’t like it and mocks me for it..always find it odd how other people openly insult something because THEY don’t like it….if we all liked the same thing, life would be very boring!

What’s your say ‘obsession’ that you just love to do? Feel free to say so in the comments if you want to!

Until next time, Have a good day!

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  1. I’m into comics – Star Wars and Judge Dredd mainly but many other individual stories too. I’m a qualified teacher and mother in my forties and I still love comic books. When people sometimes make comments about this I remember what the 11th Dr Who said about his tie. “Eyes on the bow tie, I wear it and I don’t care. …. That’s why it’s cool”. I have tried quoting the Doctor but it’s not helpful in reducing the nerd image! 🙂

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