Image is not my property nor is the video and I do not claim them to be so! They are used as examples only. They are the property of KTLA.  

I found this on the internet today..apparently in America…near Chicago to be exact, an incident occurred where a bus aide has slapped a 6 year old girl  called Kaylee who has Autism! If you watch the video bellow or are able to find the clip, you will see that the little girl is having a meltdown and in the heat of the moment, spits on the bus aide and this results in the hit to a child! Well the spitting isn’t in the video but it was in an article that I read about the incident but even so, the striking of a child in this manner shouldn’t be accepted, especially if the child can’t actually tell you what the matter is because she is unable to speak!

The incident has apparently left little Kaylee afraid of strangers and has left her parents very furious for the actions of this bus aide, what were they thinking? You would slap a baby if it was being noisy so why slap a child if they are having a meltdown? Even if she didn’t have Autism, smacking shouldn’t have been an option whatsoever! It’s a child…you don’t need training to know this, it’s common sense.

If it were my child that had been hit by a bus aide or anyone for that matter, I’d be utterly furious! Wouldn’t you? Proper training and understanding of Autism is required for anyone working with children, especially if the school and bus company knew about Kaylee, this can’t be news to them!

It has become clear that this bus aide had next to no idea how to deal with Kaylee, being only working as such for two weeks and had never been trained in how to aid Kaylee in a situation such as this which you also have to fault the bus company for not properly training the individual!

Never should have happened and people need to be more better trained when it comes to aiding disabled children so we can prevent this horrific abuse because people can’t handle the situation!

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