A new neighbour…It can be a big change having a set of new neighbours in the neighbourhood but for me and my wife, as 2017 began we noticed a big change in our daily lives that has become a nuisance, not to us bit for another neighbour as well…a new pet!


Our neighbours had purchased a Cairn Terrier and it has become nearly impossible to ever go into our garden without being met with a tirade of barks and growls by the dog that always rushes out from it’s house….without fail! Don’t get me wrong, I’ve lived next to dogs before and for the most part, it’s been fine…you hear a bark every now and then if someone comes to the front door or if it wants some attention but this new dog barks and growls every single time as it runs out of the back door towards the fence…if we do some gardening or hang out some washing, it will always come out because the neighbours always leave the conservatory door open!

Now is the time to explain what the neighbours are actually like and that is…we aren’t entirely sure and that’s because we rarely ever see them, you see one of them is in a wheelchair and has carers coming around every single day to take care of him but as for his wife, we see her more but she always looks miserable and has barely uttered a word to anyone in the area and we have gone to the neighbours front door to introduce ourselves but she didn’t look that interested.

They do food shopping online and only go out really when she takes the dog for a walk and they have also put a warning on the front door now to say that you must ring the doorbell and announce yourself so they can put the dog into another room which they do every single time someone comes to the house…it constantly gets put away which just feels weird to us, why buy a dog if your spending most of the day shutting it away or just leaving it in the conservatory or garden? For company? They do eventually bring it back inside if it barks to much…well most of the time but the amount of times we have heard loud bangs from that house is sometimes alarming…it’s a very quiet neighbourhood so if they make a loud noise, everyone will hear them!

My wife overheard them one day and she says they are aware that the dog has ‘behavioral issues’ and we kind of understand why the dog is like it is…a dog normally wants attention and to move around…not be shut away all day! We don’t think it means us any harm at all…it’s barks are just really annoying…that’s all.

The dog barks if it hears a noise and quite often, will bark and growl when we go into our garden…even at night! Yet when we’ve seen it on a walk anywhere…it’s very quiet! We were slightly concerned at first about growls etc but we understand that it needs to get used to the area etc it’s new and the people around might be strange or it could be protecting it’s territory or something…maybe it’s bored because I doubt it does much during the day as it’s put away whenever a carer comes around or someone else, why buy a dog though in this situation?

Two people, one is in a wheelchair and is cared upon everyday and the other one looks miserable, doesn’t talk to anyone and they have a noisy dog who is literally the only noisy thing in the neighbourhood and we don’t want to sound like moaners because we understand that a dog is like that sometimes under the circumstances but is it fair to constantly feel that we can’t go into our back yard anymore without being met by a barrage of barks and growls every single time and we live near a post office depo as well which is quite noisy so that doesn’t help…maybe the dog needs training or something.

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