Warning- Sensitive Subject

Hello…can’t believe I found this story but it made me mad enough that I had to write something! Being from Britain, don’t be completely surprised if I have not ever heard of this individual that much or be completely aware of what he has done! Is what I was going to say before his name began to ring a bell and I began to remember but just to be sure, I did some research into what crime he committed before I wrote this ( I googled him) and the hint of what I got was that he is a mass murderer and a white supremacist, convicted of the Charleston Shooting in 2015…yeah and as I read more about it, the more mad I became!

The headline states that Dylann reportedly said to the judge that he would rather die than have an Autism Diagnosis made public or it could ‘discredit his crime’ Ok…for me anyway, I could care if you have Autism or not…your a monster! I’d spend less time worrying about people blaming this on your possible Autism and more on the fact that your a stain on society, that your a massive racist because that’s still a thing apparently in 2017…for some reason and that if the justice system doesn’t fail, you’ll never set foot on our streets ever again! Although I read he was getting the Death Penalty for his crimes and while I’m not the biggest fan of the Death Penalty…I do not believe that Dylann would ever change and I’ve heard of too many tales of criminals being released, only to do it again.

After everything that this evil has done…all he is bothered about is people focusing on the fact that he might have Autism, rather than the actual crime itself… or as he said…

‘Because once you’ve got that label, there is no point in living anyway. You see what I am saying?‘ – Roof. D

This attitude about having Autism is the worst…no point in living because of the label? it’s better to have murdered people and not have Autism?? With or without Autism…you’ll be remembered as a heinous devil who tried to start a race war because your a white supremacist…your opinions are outdated and sad! A disturbed individual who obviously has a shady past…he was determined to keep his family history a secret and is rather paranoid as well, hiding his forehead from sight…you know, you’d think you would have more to worry about during a trial for your life than people’s opinion on your big forehead or the fact that you might have Autism…even if you have Autistic Traits, it doesn’t make you a killer…I have Autism and I don’t feel like doing something that stupid… I know people who have Autism, they are all normal people who live life to the fullest…people like to blame crimes like this on mental health issues…it’s too easy to say, they had Autism or were Bi Polar…AD/HD etc everything has a label…is it so hard to just say that this guy was evil…why would it matter if he had Autism?!

If I was a parent of a murdered kid and I found out that the murderer was Autistic, I wouldn’t care…MY CHILD WOULD BE DEAD! Does the killer’s mental health change anything? No! Lots of people have Autism, I’m not going to assume they are all murderers because of one person, that’s stupid! People like him are still out in the world…in 2017, we still deal with Racism, Sexism amongst many other things that you’d assume would all be sorted 50 years ago, if not 100!

Point being, this disturbed individual was more bothered about people discrediting his crime because he may or may not have Autism…I’m sure the families of the murdered will really be that bothered about that…not focused on the racism or the fact that you killed 9 people and have shown no remorse for it…spending all your time demanding a federal trial so people couldn’t see your big forehead but no, the fact that possibly having Autism might discredit your work, that is the important thing in all of this! F*** sake!

No remorse, delusional, paranoid and stupid dreams of being governor of South Carolina! All I can say is that I am deeply disturbed…just by looking up who this person was…I really wish I hadn’t now…this is a different kind of evil…an evil that wanted to start a war, had no remorse and would easily do it again, that much is obvious! Yet the headline of this article that I have read was that a mass murderer was paranoid about people possibly finding out that he may or may not have Autism because he doesn’t want anything to take away from what he did.

This isn’t the Middle Ages people, you’d think that in 2017…we’d be a little smarter to always assume it’s because of a mental illness that someone kills…sometimes…people just do it without it…some people are just insane!

I’m embarrassed that he is the same species as me…I feel sick that someone can become like this…who says monsters only exist in stories! What ever your beliefs are in this world, nothing can excuse or praise a person who clearly doesn’t care, is still trying to dictate what can be said or not said and not shown or said.

Tell you what, to finish off here, I’ll diagnose this guy for you all, since we all like labels so much, I’ll give him a label that you can blame it all on, it’s pretty simple…this is it


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