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Hello, today we look into what it could be like if you weren’t exactly always positive and upbeat when it comes to Autism, a look at an article where a Mother talks about it all always being sunshine and rainbows when it comes to her children and at points in her life, wanting to take the autism away at any cost.

It goes on to tell how a mother with 3 Autistic Children has pretty much reached a breaking point. In the article, she is called Christine and is a single mother of 3 children…as said, they are all Autistic and it talks about how the community doesn’t accept anything other than being positive

“There’s a celebratory notion that this is a fantastic thing,” she says, and feels that the community won’t let people be anything other than relentlessly positive.- BBC

Being positive is of course an amazing thing and many parents who have children with Autism will be undoubtedly be so, however…this is not always the case as shown in this article on the BBC last month  entitled

‘I have dark thoughts about my children’s autism’

I sort of agree with this statement as various times over the years, negative thoughts and opinions are sometimes waved to the side, mostly with good reason of course…doesn’t really help anyone if they need a perk up or to be cheered up, only to find an article about bleaching the brain cures Autism or a school shooting was done by someone with Autism. People starting groups to mock Autistic people, only for Facebook to take days to remove them…seen it all so I can get where she is coming from but also understood why many people just don’t like to read or see someone post something that they know will depress them…sadly, saying just don’t read it doesn’t work in this day and age (it bloody should) Unless an admin says something of course, I mean it’s a page they run so surely they have the important say.

What I get from Christine is that she doesn’t feel strong, positive and upbeat…and that’s alright, not everyone has to and while it does help, we are human at the end of the day and everyone has limits…I don’t care what you say, you have a breaking point!

“I love my children and I’m so proud of what they can do – but if I could take away the difficulties that they’ve got and give them different lives, then I would.”

Be honest, have you ever thought about how your life or someone you know’s life would be different if the Autism was no longer there? Not even once? I have when I was younger and I don’t regret it, It’s called curiosity people! Not having a go but to be honest, it would surprise me if a few people had an issue that someone had ‘dark thoughts’ when it came to her children’s autism…I’m not entirely agreeing with all of her statements because I can understand…a single parent with 3 children who are all autistic…even without Autism, that’s a very hard job! She’s probably been pushed to the edge on multiple occasions and when seeking advice or help on the matter, sees constant people saying how wonderful everything is and it drives her crazy because if she says something against that…the inevitable backlash happens

“I get riled when people say well-meaning things like ‘you must be a really strong person because you wouldn’t be given more than what you can deal with”

It’s important to look at both sides of this, even though most prefer to only focus on the positives, you cannot deny that the negatives exist! For a single mother with 3 Autistic Children, I could certainly understand that it must be extremely difficult to cope but read the article and decide for yourselves but I agree with Christine and also disagree..I agree that it would be hard…she’ll have moments where they cried, screamed and wanted it all to go but she must of had those good moments as well and Autism isn’t a disease to be feared, only to be more understood…perhaps more assistance is needed for her and her children.

Useful Information

‘I have dark thoughts about my children’s autism’

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  1. Interesting read! I am always inspired by other peoples blogs and I’m new to this but I’m really enjoying it at the moment 🙂 if you could take a look at some of my posts that would be great.

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