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Everyone has been to one before in  the past, to talk about an issue that is happening in your day to day life that concerns you…might be nothing, could be something but when you have Autism, have you ever worried about not being able to completely explain what you think the problem is? Well according to this article by the Independent, they might have not had any kind of ‘autism training’ and would be unable to deal with the situation which to me sounded a little worrying.

”39 per cent had not received any autism training. What’s more, of the GPs who had received autism training, almost 40% didn’t find it very useful”

When I go to the doctor, I expect them to have a professional manner and know what they are talking about, I know they won’t be perfect but it’s better than googling it and terrifying yourself into thinking you have something serious (I’ve done that and was wrong) but imagine if you are autistic and want to see a GP, it might be so straight forward.

”To compensate for their lack of training, GPs seem to be relying on their own experiences of autism – through autistic family members, friends or colleagues – as a source of tacit knowledge”.

Yet aren’t we all different when it comes to Autism? The chances of knowing someone with autism exactly the same as someone you have as a patient with autism are pretty slim in my book…it can obviously lead to a very narrow view on Autism as you only think it’s a couple of things when it is so much more!  Spotting the signs of autism might not be as straight forward as some think it is! If you only think autism is one or two things as a GP, you might miss a vital sign (like how women can be autistic) some people still don’t know that! or mistake it for something unrelated. Many people with autism are vulnerable, can’t communicate verbally and as most will understand, not always the best social humans in the world…it wouldn’t shock me if some people were to afraid to go to a doctor in the first place.

Doctors are supposed to be able to take of of patients of all, yet in the UK, not very far away from nearly half of the GP’s are not trained in deal with anyone with Autism, not understanding and the ones who are don’t find the training helpful at all! If your doctor isn’t a regular, that means you’ll be dealing with a stranger and I don’t know about you….I don’t do so well with strangers, I go quiet and don’t always want to talk as much as I do with someone I know very well…having someone who wasn’t trained in understanding Autism….the results could be disastrous….nothing would be solved and I’d be more paranoid and concerned about the whole ordeal!

I once went to see a GP about my Autism, I felt that I couldn’t talk to anyone on the matter so thought a Doctor would be able to understand somewhat how I felt…I was wrong and was pretty much told that I had anger issues and should stop whining about it all…maybe I just saw a bad doctor? I didn’t understand completely what Autism was, I had no one else around me who had it or knew what it was, so I felt isolated and alone in daily life…yet couldn’t find anyone who could explain it to me in a way that I could understand! 

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