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Hello, today we talk about an issue that could become a reality someday in the future in the UK. Something that if it does happen, could cause many concerns for families in Britain over an uncertainty that might become ignored by the Health services in this country.

In the UK , it is currently being discussed to restrict the diagnosis of Autism to only the most ‘severe’ cases and this concerns me as well as it concerns the National Autistic Society. Although nothing has been decided as of yet, it is still very concerning that this has even been suggested as an idea in the first place!

What is the reason for this? Heck if someone like me should know…all I know is that if this were to happen when I was a child, I would more than likely not be diagnosed with Autism as I only have it ‘mildly’ as they told me when I was told I had Autism. it wouldn’t be as important and would leave me in the dark as to why I did things as I did or was incapable of understanding.

“That will threaten their long-term prospects and put a greater strain on many already vulnerable families” BBC

All I get from this article by the BBC is that they don’t want to give out so many Autism Diagnoses because it ‘puts a strain on peoples lives’ that they would be labelled and their life would change forever. So being afraid of being told they have Autism because how they could be perceived by the world, really? Either that or they just don’t view Autism as that important compared to depression which is on the rise, yet to only consider specifically on children with another condition as well is utter madness, it singles out others who would need that diagnosis because you let your health service get under this much strain.

The NHS is under strain so this could be the reason that this might happen in the future, yet is it fair to cut down the ability to get help and understand what it is you have and that it’s ok…life can still be normal if you want it to be, you don’t need that label that others will misunderstand.

If you don’t diagnose as many people with Autism…that doesn’t make the Autism vanish or disappear, it is still there so what’s the point of this idea in the first place? Doing less diagnoses will do nothing…only make life harder for those who don’t know the truth…only that others won’t know, hence the lack of harsh judgement by those who would usually make your life a living hell because of your label.

Suddenly considering that only severe cases of Autism could be diagnosed is a serious matter because Autism isn’t just one thing and I know some people don’t like the term ‘mild Autism’ but it exists, deal with it…you don’t have to have an extreme case to be the only one to be in the center light, some people only have a smudge of it but life is still tough…this isn’t a competition to see who has Autism the most!

What are people supposed to do if the NHS doesn’t consider their case severe enough to be diagnosed, be left in the unknown and struggle with the stress of confusion? It’s not fair at all because as a human being, I would have a right to be told whether I had Autism or not, no matter how mild or severe it was! I hope this doesn’t come to pass!

Useful Information 

Autism diagnoses ‘could be reduced under NHS plan’

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  1. I read this article too. I got the impression that the clinical commissioning groups are faced with a bigger demand than they allowed money for and so are trying to reduce access to diagnosis. I suspect that this is all because they haven’t the funding to meet the health need so they’re denying the needs of some. It’s morally wrong I think.

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