The Miz wins his 7th Intercontinental Championship against Dean Ambrose…quite clean actually. This was rather surprising to say the least because it has been built up for weeks that if Miz was to win, it would be via disqualification and I assumed it would be via Maryse who I can’t stand and it’s not because she’s a heel but what does she actually add to the Miz? The Miz is a great heel but I feel like Maryse brings him down a peg…cheap wins mostly via Maryse…it’s when it’s obvious how Miz will win that I can’t stand her because it’s mostly via her…at least before she came along, it was fun to guess how Miz would get out of a situation. Grade 3/5 

Ambrose needs a heel turn because his goofy lunatic gimmick is dry and stale…needs a restart in my opinion because I want to get behind Ambrose but he’s never funny anymore and some of his moves are quite sloppy and it pains me to see this guy out of the 3 shield members to be mishandled in such a way and I know in the last 12 months he’s been a WWE Champion and Intercontinental Champion but will we remember either of them in a good way or will we just keep asking what could have made them more memorable…like defend any of his championships that he wins…you ever notice that when Ambrose wins a championship, he rarely defends it…even when he won the United States Championship…he barely defended it.

Sasha Banks and Rich Swann defeat Noam Dar and Alicia Foxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx yeah, that’s nice…who cares….moving on!  2/5 grade

Alexa Bliss defeats Bayley to retain her Womens Championship in a bad Kendo stick on a pole match and this match gets a 1/5 from me simply because it was a big waste of time. All we have been given for the last few weeks is Alexa Bliss saying that Bayley will never get extreme and…she was absolutely right, in a 5 minute match, Bayley had the chance to use the kendo stick, didn’t do it and was caned for her troubles, finishing off a terrible few months for her and in my opinion, she really needs a do over….cringe is the word used to describe Bayley in 2017! It’s a darn shame because when she debuted on Raw, I was so excited to have her on board…yet she has been made to look nothing more than a loser who wants to inspire people yet all she has done is been gift wrapped the Womens Championship by Sasha Banks and never losing her cool, even though she has been labelled a push over by everyone else on the roster.

Horrible match, worst of the night, why did we even have it?

Cesaro and Sheamus defeated The Hardy Boyz in a tag team steel cage match to win their 2nd Championships as a team but my god,the rules to this match were stupid, beyond stupid! Both members have to escape the cage at the same time to win? Why? Can’t it be the first team to escape overall win? Jeff Hardy escaped early on in the match, leaving Matt Hardy to fend for himself but towards the end, Jeff performed a whisper in the wind from the top of the cage and had to escape all over again in order to win…wtf?! New tag team champions yet I can’t be as happy as I should have been…due to the rules of the match being so confusing so a 3/5 for this one, should have been a 4-4.5

Will we now see a broken Matt Hardy? Who knows but I pray that we do but at the same time, I don’t have faith in WWE to do the character any justice…as for Jeff, have him go on a single run, perhaps face the Miz against Jeff Hardy for the IC Tittle in the future?

Not a bad match, the rules were just very confusing and albeit, stupid.

Neville retains his Cruiserweight Championship over a game Austin Aries in a submission match that was the 2nd best match of the night in my opinion, it had a decent build up and the match itself flowed and had plenty of meaning behind it due to the previous encounters between the two at Wrestlemania and Payback. I really thought that Aries was going to get the win this time, it all seemed inevitable as far as I was concerned but Neville only tapped out when he was outside of the ring as he was locked in the Last Chancery but after a missed suicide dive, Neville landed a beautiful red arrow onto Aries back before locking in the Rings of Saturn. Is that it for Aries now…will he get another match or will we finally move onto a new feud for Neville, personally…I prefer the latter.   4/5 grade from me

Samoa Joe wins the Fatal 5 Way Extreme Rules Match and is set to face Brock Lesnar at the next Raw PPV ‘Great Balls Of Fire’ on the 9th of July, A good match overall with your typical spots such as Roman Reigns spearing someone through the barricade and Seth Rollins splashing Bray Wyatt through an announce table but it wasn’t really ‘extreme’ or if it was…it’s modern day extreme which isn’t really all that impressive because your limited to what is allowed on TV so why even have Extreme Rules then?

I am shocked that Joe won this match, I really thought either Rollins or Balor had the win in the bag but I am happy with Joe getting the big win to face Lesnar next month but at the same time, I’m fearful that Joe will be nothing more than a one off to eventually have Lesnar vs Reigns which we all know is soon coming….god help us with a brain…why do people like Reigns so much…what makes him so special and don’t say his looks!

Overall, I didn’t enjoy this PPV and I rarely do enjoy Extreme Rules…it’s a PPV that shouldn’t be around anymore and needs binning for something new or if you want to bring an old one back, King of the Ring is always a good luck, especially since Smackdown has Money In The Bank but when it comes to WWE, they tend to go for what most fans don’t want to see, it’s like they enjoy fans moaning and groaning online…they thrive off it.

Overall, Extreme Rules 2017 gets a 2.5/5 from me.

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