I always seem to read or see the negative side of it all and it got me wondering, what is it about having Autism that I like? I mean with negativity, positivity has to be somewhere around and it’s not all doom and gloom, a lot of good things happen in my life as well so today, I discuss all of the good things that have happened to me because of my Autism.

How I perceive things–  When I look at the world, I see negativity plastered all over the place, in the media, online and close to home whether it be with family friends or myself and I can’t help but wonder whether negative things are reported all over the place on purpose. Think about watching the news for example…how often do you find a really positive news story that cheers you up, rather than bring you down more so? For me, not so often…it’s more than likely a massive news story of something awful happening in the world and as I become older, they seem to be more frequent and serious.

However, I find myself being told by others that I have a different way of looking at news compared to other people…the majority of people that I talk to about a news story say how horrible the world has become and the feelings of the loss of life because of an attack etc yet I don’t always react like that…I don’t know what it is but some people say that I always seem upbeat and positive in some way every time and I don’t even realise that I’m doing it, although sometimes I can be a little down in the dumps and go a little to far when it comes to talking about certain topics.

I guess I just like being told that I have a different way of reacting to world news to the majority of people because I don’t think that I do yet strangers always say that it’s a bit refreshing to talk to someone who won’t do what everyone else is doing and give the same reaction, I’ll try to cheer someone up or make them smile if the topic is upsetting….maybe I’m just afraid of someone crying or feeling sad near me, I don’t know but I just like being told that it’s unique…probably because all I think about is lighting up a conversation and not have it be all doom and gloom.

Over worrying- Yes, this is something that I have grown to like and here’s why…I found from over the years that if I over worry about an issue or not knowing what will happen, it shows that I really care about it and more than likely, I will put more effort into resolving said issue but if I don’t over worry and care about what’s going on in my life…it more often than not means that I don’t care that much about it and put little to no effort into resolving it and for me, that’s not often very good.

If anything, over worrying brings the best out of me because it keeps me focused and it helps me put more effort in which was what got me through college and university after years of feeling down in the dumps when I first found out I had Autism and felt I had to put more effort in than most people would to just do well because I was always doubting what I could and couldn’t do, always comparing and sounding envious of others who probably didn’t have an argument with their thoughts constantly and to be honest, it works for me. The proof for this is the award I was given on my graduation day for Overall Achievement, says it all really.

It makes me different- I like being different to a lot of people…in my area, the majority of people my age like to go out clubbing regularly and pretty much drink alcohol, go to festivals and other stuff etc my friends and wife occasionally enjoy going out to a club or two from time to time but that kind of stuff just isn’t high on my fun stuff to do list…I enjoy peace and tranquility most of the time but don’t get me wrong, I can go out and have fun as well but I don’t enjoy doing it often…makes it more like a chore if I have to do it every weekend and makes it not so special…time to myself lets me reflect and enjoy things at my own pace, not someone else’s…I’m terrible at teamwork because if someone else is in control and I don’t like something…I go into shutdown mode, well not as bad as I used to…nowadays I just think about how annoying it is in my mind and keep calm.

I’m referred to as a mature individual often and act older than my actual age but look younger than my actual age…so I look 20 yet act 30…I don’t know! I can do what others do but I just don’t class clubbing, drinking every weekend as important, they are fun but I just don’t have the passion to constantly want to do it…I didn’t at University and felt out of the loop quite often because of it but I didn’t mind because I was just being me.

Too much socializing can be overwhelming for me and make me retreat for a little while and I honestly don’t mind it half as much as I used to because I know I can’t always help it, that and a bit of me time isn’t a bad thing…most people enjoy a little time to themselves…who doesn’t enjoy a few hours playing a game on a console or writing a story, going for a long run in the countryside or something relaxing or fun solo…you don’t have to do everything with a friend or loved one, it doesn’t make you anti social, despite all the pressures of today’s society to make as many friends as you can or your a loser, that’s nonsense.

So yeah, just a few quirks that I enjoy about having Autism, I don’t always follow the norm as to what most people my age do because most people just do the same things, minus hobbies and nothings wrong with that but it’s just nice sometime to feel a little bit different I guess.


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