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This story today is called Autistic Boy Left With Nail In Head and if you click this link here, it’ll take you to the story in question that we are talking about today! I personally find this incident disturbing and horrifying so be prepared if your easily offended or sensitive.

A boy in Mansfield, England has been assaulted by a group of vicious bullies and to top this all off, they threw a plank of wood at this young lad which had a nail stuck to it…which unfortunately when thrown at Romeo, attached into the back of his head, causing him to have to go to hospital. The nail was thrown so hard that it bent in his head…just imagine that for a second, a group of older kids felt the need to pick on a vulnerable child and throw a plank of wood with a nail in it at him…with his Father right there…I swear if I ever got a hold of any of these kids, I’d want to put them in hospital myself…especially if it was my child that was assaulted in such a manner…I wouldn’t but I’d be furious! That is messed up and disgusting behaviour because it was unprovoked, it was one vs many and it was pointless! Try that on someone who will fight back, SEE WHAT WILL HAPPEN!

Now I can’t assume that the kids knew that Romeo had Autism but even if they didn’t, this is still appalling…why do groups of children feel to need to act this way, what does it prove exactly, that they’re tough but what if Romeo had died, what then? Wouldn’t be so funny then…all of these people would have to live with that stupid decision for the rest of their lives, it would follow them everyday, one stupid decision and don’t give me the ‘they were only kids’ line…things like this happen everywhere and the UK is a nanny state enough as it is…but then again, in the UK…you can’t exactly discipline children if they are naughty….Go on the naughty step…that’ll teach you!

When I was a child, if I was naughty….I was disciplined and you know what…I grew up to be respectable and responsible for my actions because I was taught what was right and what was wrong…does that happen today in 2017….HELL NO! Everywhere I go, kids do what they want and nothing ever happens to them, they run amok without a care in the world and they are smarter then we all seem to give them credit for, they know we won’t do anything and they use that to their advantage! Mum and Dad won’t punish me for my action so I’ll keep doing it, what are they going to do…put me in the corner for a bit…so scary!

Not suggesting hitting your child because that has a negative effect as well but we must have a way to discipline our children that isn’t violent but teaches them respect and to behave as well…I just don’t see sitting on a naughty step or a corner teaching them anything…I mean a child had a nail stuck into his head that was thrown so hard, it bent in his skull! If I had done that, I’d not see the sunlight for a year…I’d get nothing and I’d deserve nothing…my parents would be so ashamed, disgusted at me and yes I’d be upset at this but I’d understand it as well, I would have caused this and I needed to fix it! what will these lot get? Probably nothing.


Of course these bullies threw a board…what will happen to them? A slap on the wrist more than likely…you can’t really give these idiots what they deserve because you can’t do that to children anymore, they get away with EVERYTHING! I mean you have some dressing up as bloody clowns every October and November and carrying knives! Parents aren’t allowed to properly discipline children or they’ll get into trouble…no wonder acts like this are on the rise! And I know some like to wrap kids in cotton wool and protect them from all the kidnappers and molesters of the world, stop them from eating nothing but junk food and that doing anything mean to a child is making them a better person…but is it? No consequences for your actions….can do what they want and get away with it….is that really better? Surely a middle ground between the two is needed because at this rate, stuff like this will get worse.

Is this the kind of behaviour that we all have to be concerned about when it comes to kids bullying others? Not just name calling or being beaten up but to be physically assaulted with a foreign object and sent to the hospital? Why….why on earth is stuff like this happening all over the globe? This happened while one of the parents was around, the group did not run away before doing this…that just shows that they didn’t care one little bit and that sickens me to my stomach….just imagine the parents that this lot had if they act like this and I know you can’t always blame the parents for how children always turn out but someone has to be responsible for not understanding the severity of this action.

Then again, why did Romeo’s parents let him wander off in the first place? I’m not putting any blame on them but if they were aware that he does this then perhaps they should have gone for him long before they arrived home but you can read all about this story in the link at the top of this page. I bet they won’t let him do that again! At the end of the day, these kids won’t be disciplined, the parents won’t be warned and stuff like this will keep happening, the cycle repeats itself! What a crazy world we all live in!

Get well soon Romeo, don’t let this stop you from living your life!

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