Thomas The Tank Engine is a children book and television series that has been around since the late 1940’s…well not the TV series but the book have and many have fond memories of the show but over the years, it has gone through changes, such as CGI, more songs, characters etc and in 2018, it appears that another huge change is happening in the heart of it all, Tidmouth sheds where two engines are being evicted but before we go into that, let’s look at the engines that represent the genders.

For the boys, we have.

  • Thomas
  • Percy
  • Edward
  • Gordon
  • Henry
  • James

And for the girls, they have

  • Emily


I guess when you look at that, the balance is quite far off….by quite a bit! Probably because engines don’t think about gender or equality…because they are engines and have no such notion but alas, it’s a show written by humans so our notions must be added in so real life politics, issues must be included…even if it makes no sense because at the end of the train…it’s about an engine and who watches the show.

More female characters in the show, that’s fine with me and that’s something that confuses me a bit as well, why would it bother anyone if a show meant for children adds a couple of new characters in? Let me get this straight when I say that this is a children’s show that has been around for a very long time, 70 plus years so it is close to a lot of people who grew up with it, myself included and the addition of two new characters isn’t a problem for me but possibly getting rid of two classic engines such as Edward or Henry in order to do it….that I have a problem with! Is the Fat Controller being stingy and not bringing in Welsh coal anymore? (If you’ve watched the show, you’ll get that!) Poor Henry. 

Two classic engines from day one are getting the boot, possibly just being moved elsewhere on the island (fingers crossed) so the 2 new female characters, which will be forced down your throats for the foreseeable future can move in and that’s a problem to me…not that they are female but such a big deal is being made out of it…like women are never represented or something…like anywhere???? Most television shows I watch have female main characters, what is everyone going on about….is it just children’s shows we are going on about?

The United Nations, (the article doesn’t belong to me but the Daily Express) of all things is getting involved with this show…making Thomas travel the globe and make the show gender neutral…I had no idea that of all things to show how important gender equality was…Thomas The Tank engine was the way forward?! It feels like our children today are being told what is ok and what isn’t and it feels so controlling because as far as I’m aware, we all get so easily offended if both genders aren’t represented equally in entertainment programs and the innocent days of my childhood are long gone…it’s not like I ever went up to a girl in my youth and said

‘You don’t have a train representing your gender because you don’t matter!’ 

IT’S A TRAIN! Children don’t think about stuff like this at that age, let them be kids! I didn’t even think about which trains were boys or girls, it never mattered to me yet today, it means everything! The comment sections on any news article about well anything is a cesspool of offended people who act like they know everything….they can’t sleep at night because you don’t have 5 female main trains and 5 main male trains….it drives them insane and their children will grow up to be sexist monsters, NO THEY WON’T!

Perhaps ask your children if they like the change or not…don’t tell them it’s for the best if they don’t like the idea…what happened to having an opinion anymore? I respect this idea and don’t mind it happening but I know why it’s happening and it just makes me laugh a little because it makes no sense….adding two more female engines into a show for children won’t change anything! Why do you think it will? Steam trains or diesels in this show don’t have relationships of sorts…you don’t have couples or superiors etc it will promote friendships and the world, making it unimportant which gender it is doing it! I wouldn’t care if it was a male engine or female, as long as I like the character, that’s all what would matter to me, not be told…‘like the girl engines darling!’ All it will do is give the show a few more episode ideas etc

Don’t the UN have a better way of supporting Gender Neutrality other than using a children’s show to do it? Now…I know many will tell me to get a grip and that it’s only a television show but that’s exactly the point…it’s a television show for children…why is the news/media making a huge deal out of it, why do we see people online arguing over it….being called racist and sexist? Why can’t children decide for themselves instead of us lot telling them how they should think…if the world was a better place and everyone didn’t get offended every 5 bloody minutes over the gender of a train that isn’t even real!  They possibly wouldn’t think in the way that we assume they will!

I seriously don’t remember my childhood being this difficult at all, I never thought boys were better than girls and still don’t…I was a child, why would I think that deeply at that age…unless someone else influenced me to think the way that they want which is what we do nowadays, to be politically correct and nice 24/7 so we aren’t labelled as racist or sexist by strangers on the internet but why aren’t we allowed to come to these decisions on our own? If I was a child, I’d feel so much pressure to not accidentally say or do something that would offend someone else because we all constantly step on egg shells in 2017….I swear 2010 to 2020 will be looked back at as the decade we all lost our spines and got offended so easily.

Again though, it’s a just a show that’s trying something new and it hasn’t even had the new characters arrive yet but so many of us have already begun moaning and complaining because another treasured show from our youth has been changed for another generation to enjoy, believing that it’s forcing children to accept gender equality etc…is it really though? I mean a child could easily watch this and not listen to a single message from it, maybe they won’t care how many male or female trains are in the show they’ll likely want to buy them all anyway which is in my opinion, the main point for all of this….marketing…more characters, more money made in train toy sales…merchandising people, it’s what successful shows do!

At the end of the day, the show gets 2 new characters that happen to be female, hopefully Edward and Henry can still be in the show and the whole travelling around the world thing can be a success as well, who knows but it’s early days and remember, this is a show for children, yet we see grown ups arguing over it online…let the children decide whether it’s a good idea or not. Also, we are all losing the plot over the gender of a new steam train on a children’s show…try and remember that!

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