An article by the BBC in the UK that is called I’m scared of my own autistic child came onto my screen today, so I had to give it a read and study it because it peaked my interest as it is basically all about Autism and violence, feel free to read the article and decide for yourself on where you stand on the matter.

Autism can come in many forms, mild, severe etc It is different for all of us in many ways. Some of us can live our life’s in a manner where outbursts and meltdowns are non existent and have no impact on anything, some however cannot do this and have no understanding of their actions or the consequences of them. In the article above, it explains how parents with autistic children are struggling to cope with violent outbursts because the children do not understand what they are doing and have no way of expressing how they feel due to learning difficulties.

Young children can and will occasionally pull your hair, accidentally head butt you when you hug them, kick you etc and most people can handle that but imagine a young teenager or adult that does that, it gets a little bit more serious then because you have strength behind those kicks, punches and as the article points out, parents are saying that not enough help is there for them to deal with challenging behaviour. I’ll admit that maybe a few times as a child, I did some daft things like bite my parents or try to wrestle my brother because I saw it on TV etc but I have no problems expressing how I feel as much I did in my childhood and as I got older, I understand my actions and why it’s bad to do it but not everyone with Autism can do that and it continues into adulthood sometimes, getting worse and more dangerous as well for people around them.

I can understand where the parents are coming from in a way, I mean I wouldn’t enjoy being hospitalized by one of my children if they had Autism and had violent outbursts or my wife either! It’s a scary thought having to explain to someone that our child put one of us in hospital or having to call the police on them and they have no understanding of what they have done and you want to get mad about it but deep down, you know they can’t help it but how long can it go on for? Autism doesn’t exactly go away! These parents feel like no help is available to them and are feeling trapped by a child that can’t control or understand what they do, so what can they do about the situation apart from feeling scared? No one wants to live in fear within the walls of their own home!

These children, teenagers and young adults are not violent people in any way a whatsoever but as they do not have an understanding due to learning difficulties and the severity of the Autism, it becomes a problem but it’s not the fault of people with Autism or the parents, if anything it’s the governments and NHS’S fault for not providing enough care or taking the situations seriously enough that stuff like this is happening to families, that certain children are being locked away in bedrooms with bars on the window like Harry Potter in order to protect other people in the household! For making parents think with doubt and feeling depressed that this is their life and it’s not the fault of the parents or the child with Autism

A quote in the article says

 “Councils are working hard to make sure children with autism and other special needs get access to the support they need… they have been put in an impossible situation due to increasing demand and historic underfunding”. – Local Government Association

No one wants to be scared of their own children, we want them to get the most out of life but with the lack of help and it all being pretty much swept under the rug due to lack of funding, what are parents in this situation supposed to do? And when you have others around you that might not properly understand what Autism is, it just gets worse from there! Parents who are in this situation need help and shouldn’t have to be put in hospital by a violent outburst in order to get noticed and have something be done, assistance should be available log before anything like that happens, I mean who should have to get a scratched cornea or have a head wound be glued shut before people notice what’s going on? It’s madness! The question really here is….are children with severe Autism being ignored?

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